How to make quick cash with online surveys

Online surveys are a great way to make a little extra money. Recently, I cashed in some survey points and got about $400 in restaurant gift cards, grocery gift cards, and even some checks. So if you want to spend a few extra minutes each week to get a free meal, here are some sites to try out:

MyPoints – This is one of my favorites because it’s so simple to use. Sign up for an account and earn 5 points for every e-mail you read. In addition, hundreds of stores are connected to MyPoints (including NetFlix, eBay, and more!) If you purchase online from these stores, purchase through the MyPoints website and you’ll earn points for every $1 you spend. Points can be traded in for gift cards. I’ve used mine to get numerous free meals at Chili’s, Macaroni Grill, and more.

LightSpeed Panel – Another one of my favorites. They send out a lot of surveys and you can earn points quickly to trade for gift cards.

TestSpin – They send out TONS of surveys (I’m not kidding – you might even feel spammed!) Each one pays at least $1, often more, so they’re worth it. But warning: it’s really tough to qualify. Usually, I take the “screener” questions and get rejected. 😦

Global Test Market – Earn marketpoints that can be traded for cash.

ESearch – They pay you on PayPal, which is nice.

Greenfield Online – This one will spam you with surveys. Each e-mail will tell you if the survey is worth $$ or just a sweepstakes entry. If you join this group, don’t bother taking the sweepstakes ones. Every now and then, they offer cash surveys worth $5 to $50. It’s worth it for those moments. Plus, it can pay through PayPal – an added bonus.

American Consumer Opinion – The payments aren’t huge, but they can add up over time. Includes drawings and money for longer surveys.

Amplitude Research – Payment comes in the form of gift cards. This one doesn’t send out many surveys.

Clear Voice Surveys – Another one that you trade in points for gift cards. Sometimes these are harder to be eligible for.

Global Opinion  Panels – These tend to be mostly point rewards and sweepstakes entries. But every now and then you might get one that pays.

HCD Surveys – Interesting surveys. I’ve received several reviewing videos about politicians’ speeches.

iThink – Payments are usually smaller (some are only a dollar!), but you get your checks quickly and automatically. No requests are necessary!

Mindfield – Earn money through surveys. I haven’t qualified for as many with this one, but they pay quickly.

Socratic Forum – State-of-the-art web-based surveys about the hottest new technologies and software.

ZoomPanel – OK, this one is my least favorites. They send lots of surveys and your points add up quickly. But you can only use the points to “purchase” items from their gift store – and gift cards or money aren’t among the choices. 😦


23 responses to “How to make quick cash with online surveys

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  2. Thanks for the links! I’ll have to look into some of those.

    I’m already filling out surveys for Harris Poll. They’re another one you may be interested in (or someone might). You earn points for surveys that you can cash in for…well, a lot of it is Amway catalog kinda stuff, but they’ve got other really good ones, too. I recently cashed in some points to get season 2 of The Office on DVD. 🙂

  3. very interesting concept..! Looks like they are basically harvesting email addresses to add to vendor lists. I’m thinking it might be best to use a secondary email address, because it’s likely that you’ll end up getting a ton of email from those vendors, once you’ve participated in their surveys. Has that been your experience Steph?

    As a vendor, that’s a pretty cool service – get people to WANT to fill out a survey and be added to your list. If they could do it by region, it would be a very cool thing for even small businesses…depending on price.

    thanks Steph!

  4. Aaron – I think I’ve used Harris poll before! The amway products you mentioned aren’t too tempting. 😛

    Cindy – The ones I’m doing aren’t harvesting emails. I’ve never gotten on email lists from the vendors doing the surveys. Most of these only keep your email for the purpose of sending you survey opportunities, and they don’t distribute the lists to other people. But, I’m sure there are some that do!

    Kaylee – Glad to see you here! I’ll post about myself soon. 🙂

    Kraze – lol

    Melody – It doesn’t take me much time, just a few minutes some days for the ones that I want to fill out. Really, it depends on the survey & the service. Some surveys are just a few minutes long and earn you $5 right then. Some give me free products to test, which adds to my savings since I’m getting products for free that I would have bought anyway.

    It probably also helps that I read quite fast. 🙂 Since I’ve had my own business for the last few years, I know how much my time is worth per hour. That’s why I don’t waste my time on “sweepstakes” surveys. 🙂

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  8. Do you get more junk snail mail now that you’re on all of those lists?

    About 10 years ago, I used and painlessly saved up enough points to cash in for a couple of CDs and some magazine subscriptions. The fun part is that there was some sort of glitch in the magazine subscriptions, and I kept receiving them free for about 4 years. Not a bad way to get Kiplinger’s financial magazine. I don’t know how well FreeRide works now, but it was great back then.

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