Lovin’ Lost!

As usual, spoilers are below. Don’t read on if you haven’t seen the latest episode!

There really weren’t any “new mysteries” added or new solutions offered. But I really loved seeing the homecoming for the Oceanic Six. I’m glad it wasn’t like Star Trek Voyager, where the entire series is set around a homecoming that no one ever sees. (I’m still bitter about that show’s finale.)

By the way, did anyone else catch that the lady who coordinated the Oceanic Six played a HUGE role in Battlestar Galactica? Don’t say what the role was, because people read this blog who aren’t caught up yet!

Here are my questions. Please share any ideas you have about them!

1. Much of the episode centered around the Orchid. Remember the Orchid video from last summer? Here it is if you want to see it again:

OK, exactly how does this video tie in with moving the Island? Are they going to teleport the entire Island somewhere? But if they do that, will there be a duplicate copy like we see with the rabbits?

2. Alpert’s BACK! I’m so excited. He and the “others” still dress in that crazy garb though. Is everyone in his little group immortal just like he is? I bet they all came from the Black Rock.

3. How on earth do the Six get back together? Kate, Sayid, and her baby have been caught and are probably being led back to the Temple. Jack is at the helicopter. Hurley is with Locke. Sun is on the freighter. How are all these paths going to intersect?

4. Why the huge coverup story? I can only think that they’re doing it out of coercion. For some reason, if they tell anyone the truth, their buddies will be killed. But does this also mean that their buddies can never return?

5. How is Ben getting out of THIS mess? We know he survives, but he sure seems outnumbered. Does he have another Smokey up his sleeve?

6. Did anyone else notice how much Jack’s mom looks like an older version of Kate?

CREEPY. Dr. Jack has more issues than I thought.

7. And finally… Do you think Jin died or was simply left behind? I believe Sun paused before answering because she wanted to say “Jin’s alive! Go find him!” Saying the love of your life is dead – even if it’s not true – has to be heart-wrenching.


Well, these are all my main questions. I loved the part where Jack learned about Claire. I was cheering when Sun finally stood up to her dad. And I felt really bad for Kate when they first got off the plane. If the Island is moved, how will they ever get back?