Lovin’ Lost!

As usual, spoilers are below. Don’t read on if you haven’t seen the latest episode!

There really weren’t any “new mysteries” added or new solutions offered. But I really loved seeing the homecoming for the Oceanic Six. I’m glad it wasn’t like Star Trek Voyager, where the entire series is set around a homecoming that no one ever sees. (I’m still bitter about that show’s finale.)

By the way, did anyone else catch that the lady who coordinated the Oceanic Six played a HUGE role in Battlestar Galactica? Don’t say what the role was, because people read this blog who aren’t caught up yet!

Here are my questions. Please share any ideas you have about them!

1. Much of the episode centered around the Orchid. Remember the Orchid video from last summer? Here it is if you want to see it again:

OK, exactly how does this video tie in with moving the Island? Are they going to teleport the entire Island somewhere? But if they do that, will there be a duplicate copy like we see with the rabbits?

2. Alpert’s BACK! I’m so excited. He and the “others” still dress in that crazy garb though. Is everyone in his little group immortal just like he is? I bet they all came from the Black Rock.

3. How on earth do the Six get back together? Kate, Sayid, and her baby have been caught and are probably being led back to the Temple. Jack is at the helicopter. Hurley is with Locke. Sun is on the freighter. How are all these paths going to intersect?

4. Why the huge coverup story? I can only think that they’re doing it out of coercion. For some reason, if they tell anyone the truth, their buddies will be killed. But does this also mean that their buddies can never return?

5. How is Ben getting out of THIS mess? We know he survives, but he sure seems outnumbered. Does he have another Smokey up his sleeve?

6. Did anyone else notice how much Jack’s mom looks like an older version of Kate?

CREEPY. Dr. Jack has more issues than I thought.

7. And finally… Do you think Jin died or was simply left behind? I believe Sun paused before answering because she wanted to say “Jin’s alive! Go find him!” Saying the love of your life is dead – even if it’s not true – has to be heart-wrenching.


Well, these are all my main questions. I loved the part where Jack learned about Claire. I was cheering when Sun finally stood up to her dad. And I felt really bad for Kate when they first got off the plane. If the Island is moved, how will they ever get back?


Lost: I See Dead People!

Another incredible episode!! As always, don’t read on if you haven’t seen the latest Lost epi. Spoilers below!


Amazing! Just amazing! Where do I even begin?

Well, we finally know what started Jack’s downfall and his addiction to painkillers. If I saw a dead person, I’d react the same way! Creepy!


Question: Are the hallucinations just that, hallucinations caused by an illness from the island? Or are the hallucinations actual visits from some entity (such as Smoky)?

Since Miles can communicate with dead people, of course he could see Shepherd with Claire. It’s a clue that they are actual entities.

Question 2: Are these “entities” different aspects of one entity (such as Smoky)? Or are they separate entities (i.e. ghosts)?

Question 3: In my last Lost post, we talked about the possibility that Smoky is made of nanites. If that’s the case, could the “ghosts” be made of nanites also? I’m leaning against this one, since Losties see them in the real world too. How would the nanites get there?

Which brings me to a big question:

Could any of our Losties actually be one of the entities and not a real person? I bet so! But who?

Jack and Kate

So, they do end up together! I can’t say that I’m too surprised. Their relationship does teach us one important lesson: never ever lie. The moment you start hiding something is the moment the relationship is over! And being as Jack is a doctor, the relationship was bound to end in a huge fireball of emotional debris anyway.

Both are equally to blame for the demise. Jack is to blame for hiding his hallucinations and turning to alcohol and narcotics rather than Kate. (Typical doctor, self-prescribing and thinking he knows best!) Kate, however, shares equal blame. She should not be hiding anything from Jack. She should have been honest with him from the beginning and Jack would not have gotten so upset. By hiding it, she was throwing red flags everywhere.

Have you ever gotten the “just trust me” speech from a loved one? It reeks. And it’s a total cop-out from the person saying it. Just be honest!

By the way, Girl from the Ghetto’s blog has INCREDIBLE information about what Kate was doing for Sawyer and why. I totally missed it! Check out what she wrote here.



Wow!!! Now we know why Claire didn’t get off the island. But what exactly happened with her and the Shepherd ghost? Does this mean Jacob views Claire as one of the “good” people and took her? But if that’s the case, why not take Aaron too?

I love how Sawyer is so protective of Claire. It’s sweet and it’s far more “noble” than what he had with Kate. Now we know why Sawyer didn’t leave the island. He couldn’t abandon Claire, knowing she was somewhere on the island. What a guy!

So… What do you think happened to Claire? 

I See Dead People!

Who was that guy in the preview? I think he’s Radzinski, the guy that Desmond’s hatch partner, Kelvin, killed. He’s wearing the same jumpsuit that Desmond wore and he’s been dead for 12 years, which fits the timeline.

He’s been dead! How wild is that? I hope this means we’ll see Danielle again (but not Nikki or Paulo *shudder*). This probably means that Richard Alpert, the guy who never ages, is also dead. In fact, all the “natives” that the Dharma people defended themselves against (when Ben was a boy) are probably also dead.

It’s so fascinating. I can’t wait until next week! If you have ideas on any of this, please let me know!


Umm… Wow. Just wow.

That’s really all I can say about tonight’s Lost! (Don’t read on if you don’t want spoilers).



This episode was exactly why I love Lost. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. So many things solved, but really only one I want to talk about…


Smoky is AWESOME! We now know good ol’ Smoky definitely *is* a security system, though I’d dare say he is a system that’s gotten a bit out of control. At least now one big mystery is solved: which people are in Ben’s favorite five.

(Terrible graphic courtesy of: MSPaint. If you’d like to see better graphics, please donate to the Dube’s World Photoshop fund, now accepting PayPal…) 😛

I have lots of questions about this episode and so much left to process. But I just have one question for my visitors:

* What do you think Smoky is made of? How do you think Smoky works?

I’m still leaning towards nanites. How about you? 

Top 10 *most annoying* Lost moments

Lost is an awesome show. But every now & then I wonder just what the writers were thinking…

10. Nikki & Paulo


Yes, they were by far the two most annoying characters in television history. I’m glad to see them gone. But, with Patchy resurrecting all the time, Locke cured of paralysis, Rose cured of cancer, and Christian Shepherd sitting around in Jacob’s cabin… Might we see Nikki and Paulo again too? Say it isn’t so! I for one am hoping the immortality theory is not true.

9. Libby’s Death


Guess I’ll never know why she was stalking Hurley at the mental institution. Great way too create a really compelling mystery and then destroy it.

8. Eko’s “Smoky” Encounter

This left something to be desired. Sure, the morphing of Eko’s brother into Smoky was really cool and helped us realize many of the Losties’ hallucinations were actually Smoky appearances. But the next scenes where Smoky was tossing Eko around like a ragdoll were unfulfilling, to say the least. Sometimes Smoky looks and acts way too much like the water creature on “The Abyss” to be taken seriously.


7. Hurley’s Diet


Hurley wouldn’t be the same – or as much fun – if he were skinny. But Hurley really should be losing some weight on the island. He was sneaking Dharma food for awhile, but isn’t that long over?

6. Fake Smoky Appearance

Big goof. Lost viewers everywhere discovered that in the pilot episode, a “smoke monster” was seen hitting the airplane turbine shortly before it exploded. Much speculation ensued about this find. Sadly, the producers later confirmed it was a CGI effect left in the show in error. You can see it here:


5. Charlie: Death by Stupid


Charlie’s death was sad. But the saddest part was that it didn’t have to happen. He could have run to the other side of the door and shut it. There was plenty of time.

4. The Lost Experience


OK, a lot of people will disagree with me on this. Sure, The Lost Experience kept us entertained one summer. But the revelations ended up being very out of place. The solution it offered to Hurley’s numbers was unsatisfying and has never been mentioned on the actual show. Does anyone still believe that was really the answer?

3. Locke’s Bizarre Trust of Ben

Seriously Locke, grow a brain!

Best friends

Ben shot him and left him for dead in a mass grave. Ben admitted to gassing all those Dharma people and thus committing mass murder. He’s insane. Yet Locke continues to release him and actually believe him. Utter stupidity. Why does Locke insist on trusting liars?

2. Lack of Curiosity Killed the Cat

How many times have we yelled at our TV screens because Locke didn’t follow up on a mystery when he was with an “other” or Jack seemed to care more about Kate and Sawyer than the smoke monster that was killing people? There were plenty of times the Losties didn’t share vital information with one another or “forgot” to ask Danielle or an Other about a question that was bugging all of us.

Sure, Locke finally asked Ben what the smoke monster was. And Ben said he had no idea. But really Locke, of all the people you could ask, you choose Ben?

1. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllttttttttttttttttttttttt!

Ah yes, it was the fodder of forum humor everywhere: Michael and his ever-present Waaaaallllltttt scream.

Waaaaaalllllltttttt! haunted us in our dreams. Sadly, we saw it again before “Meet Kevin Johnson.” Think the love of Waaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllttttttttt is over? Just run a Google search on Waaaaaaaaaaaaaalt!! and you’ll see we’re all still talking about it:


Notice the third entry in the picture above. Apparently Waaaaaaaaaalt!!!! translates into any language. No wonder Walt doesn’t want to see Michael anymore.

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Meet Highlander… err Kevin Johnson

“There can be only one.”

Sounds like Highlander, but it’s really the story of Kevin Johnson. Or, more accurately, what Kevin Johnson is supposed to be doing.  As always, if you haven’t seen the latest episode of Lost, stop reading now! 🙂


Ok! First, let me start with some theories and questions for my readers.

  • Why is Michael immortal? Apparently the Island wants Michael alive. This means the Island has powers in the outside world. It also explains why people like Ben and Locke believe the Island directs them.
  • Are other people immortal? Some.
    Remember how Jack was kept from jumping off that bridge? Same thing.
  • Is the Island *really* keeping Michael alive? Maybe. However, it could also be a symptom of the “course corrections” that Mrs. Hawking told Desmond about in “Flashes Before Your Eyes.”

    Remember? The future can’t be changed. Fate can’t be avoided. If you try to do so, the “universe” will course correct you back to your proper fate. I think that’s really what’s happening, and it’s been anthropomorphized by people looking for an “intelligence” behind the corrections.

  • So who is the four-toed statue? Don’t you see the connection?
    The statue could be ancient island natives’ way of anthropomorphizing the island’s course corrections and other strange events. Kind of like people used to think the Sun was a deity. This could also be the purpose of the Temple.
  • Why can some people travel off the island? So far, we know the following people can travel off-island: Ben, Mr. Friendly, Richard Alpert, and the Oceanic Six. I don’t think this refers to their having any type of special power. It refers to who Ben lets travel off island.
  • Who staged the wreckage? Ben or Whidmore? You decide. Each party is blaming the other. 
    My money’s on Ben. He gassed all the Dharma people once upon a time and the Freighties disabled the poisonous gas.
  • So Ben’s coordinates were right?! Looks like it. Ben told Michael to head off at 325 degrees. Faraday suggested 305. Desmond suffered side effects and Michael didn’t.
  • Who was shooting at Alex? I believe Ben somehow “communicated” to the Temple people to kill Carl and Danielle, just as he communicated to Harper (or Smokey). He was putting Alex in a trap, per usual.
  • So no one is truly immortal? There’s an alternate theory that, once on the island, you’re immortal *off* island but still very mortal on the island (if they catch a disease or a bullet while on the island). This would explain why Ben was dying of a spinal tumor but Rose and Locke were cured. It’s a stretch though.
  • So why doesn’t Richard Alpert ever age? Beats me.
  • Ok, if Mr. Friendly is real, then who was Libby? Good one. Michael was obviously hallucinating at that point, much like Hurley did off island and everyone does on island. It’s part of the sickness and continues even off island. Note that hallucinations always cause guilt and are always accusatory. Examples: Libby with Michael, Charlie with Hurley, Jack’s dad, Eko’s brother, Harper with Juliet…

 Random notes:
– Did anyone else think Mr. Friendly was Smokey at first?
– My theory about Michael traveling back in time was wrong. Woops!
– Danielle is gone and that really pisses me off.
I loved her as Delynn on Babylon 5, and I’m really going to miss this character too. All that build up and still so many unanswered questions about her… Of course, there’s a *slim* hope that no one on the island can really die. Or that maybe she’s immortal like good ol’ Patchy. We shall see.

I’d love to hear your thoughts too!

Lost: A birth and a death

Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the latest episode!

*SPOILER ALERT********************************


The ending was AWESOME and put a different spin on the entire hour. Here’s my take:

* Jin is still on the island in Sun’s flash forward. They have to say he’s dead as part of the “big lie” Jack talked about. Remember, Jack said in court that 8 people survived the crash, and we all know it was more than that.

* Ben is connected. He can stage a crash site, get millions at the drop of a hat, and know everything that’s happening, even when up. I believe Ben’s connections come from the Island natives (aka Richard and crew).

* Charles Whidmore “is” Dharma, I do believe. Ben killed his people; now it’s payback time.

* The freighter sickness has to be the same one Danielle’s crew had. What are the implications of this?

* Michael is now working for Ben on the freighter. When Ben sent Michael off, he told him to head out on a bearing of 325. Faraday told the pilot to use a bearing of 305. Ben is sneaky, so I’m betting his instructions messed up Michael or Walt’s timeline/health and now Ben is using that to control them.

Those are all my quick thoughts. Let me know what you think!

Kill Ben: Volume 1

Everyone’s out to get Ben. Or at least – they should be! (Caution: Spoilers from Lost’s “The Other Woman” below!)



Tonight we learned that Bill, err Ben, tried to kill every living person on the island – again. So my question is… Why on earth is Ben still alive?!

Would you trust this face?


Ben is like that sleazy politician that you want to believe in because he’s in your party and can quote Bible verses. He’s like the candidate who smiles and chats you up, while secretly texting his hitman to take you out later.

I’m entertained watching Ben and would like to learn more about his character (such as how he knows about everything going on the island, even though he’s locked up!) But someday, someone has to take Ben out. Who will it be? 

My money’s on Vincent. 😉


(Edited to add: I just saw a great theory about who Juliet looks like and why Ben is so interested in her. You can find it in this blog post at Seat42f. Check out the portrait behind Ben in the picture…)