A quick look at Lost

Isn’t Lost amazing so far?! 🙂 I know folks have been waiting for me to post something, so I thought I’d share a few things really quickly. I haven’t read any blog posts yet, but I will after this. 🙂

Note: Spoilers if you haven’t seen this week’s episode! Plus, a few theories that could be spoilers if I’m right. (But we all know how often that happens, lol.) So as not to spoil visitors to the blog who are behind on Lost, click “more” to see all my theories! 🙂


Marvin Candle
I loved the opening scene in the premiere with Candle and his wife and their baby. But in Lost, it seems that babies always hold a deeper meaning. So who could this baby end up being? Miles maybe? I just keep thinking there is going to be more to Candle’s kid in the future.

Eloise Hawking
I’m sure everyone knows that the lady we saw talking to Ben at the end of the premiere is Eloise Hawking, the jeweler who sold the ring to Desmond and warned him that he can’t change the past. Eloise has to be Daniel Faraday’s mother. Remember that Faraday named the mouse in his experiment “Eloise”?

Did you notice in the last episode that when Daniel was talking to the soldier girl named “Ellie,” he said she looked familiar? She must be Eloise – his mother – in the past!

Which leads to one question… Who is Eloise really working with? She is talking with Ben, but has also been close to Charles Widmore (sp?). They’re enemies, so she is playing one of them. Now wouldn’t it be something if Charles is Daniel’s father, making Daniel and Penny half-siblings? This would explain why Widmore is funding Daniel’s research.

Charles Widmore
It was AMAZING to see Widmore in the past and how everything began! Back then, he was just a mouthy, whining kid who wanted power but didn’t have any. Now look at him. Hmm…

So, the woman in the coma is somehow a victim of Daniel Faraday? What happened? He must have used her in a time experiment of some sort, and she never fully came back. Do you remember where we’ve heard the name Theresa before? Check out this clip I found.


Now this was just amazing! We finally know what the Swan Station really is and why there was concrete underneath the station. It was because Jughead was buried there! But what exactly happened to Jughead when the hatch imploded and Desmond was “unstuck” in time? The radiation from Jughead must have been interacting with the strange properties already present on the Island to create some type of strange, time-shifting effect…

Also, remember when they found strange energy underground around the wheel barrow in the Candle flashback? Was that also Jughead and the Swan Station, or was that a different huge underground energy source?

Unstuck in Time

So, our Losties are unstuck in time physically, much like Desmond was unstuck in time mentally. The end result (nosebleeds, death) is the same. But instead of their minds’ jumping into their past selves, they are physically traveling into the Island’s past. So the Island (or the “spirit” of the Island, whatever that is) is what has become unstuck in time, and the Losties are just caught in its current. Does the Island need to find its own constant?

Future Desmond can be communicated with via Past Desmond because he’s “special.” This has to be due to his being irradiated in the hatch implosion, when his mind was originally unstuck in time. Somehow there are still lingering effects…

Here’s a new theory that I saw when reading a few discussions on message boards. Whose name sounds similar to Jacob? That would be Jack. Wouldn’t it be bizarre if Jack is actually short for Jacob, and our Jacob that everyone is taking orders from turns out to be an unstuck in time Jack?

Well, that’s everything! I’m sure there are a lot of cool things I forgot to talk about. What do you think of the theories on here? And what did I miss?


9 responses to “A quick look at Lost

  1. I hadn’t head that about Jack and Jacob yet but that would be wild. What a great theory and would explain why Christian is friends with him.

    Great find that video. Could it be the same Theresa?

    This episode has brought up more theories and questions than any other I can remember.

  2. I can scarcely believe the Theresa from Locke’s vision was the same Theresa of Daniel’s experiments – simply because I can’t imagine any producers of any series thinking that far ahead. If they can logically retcon her in to fit Boone’s seeming non sequiter babbling, that’d be awesome, though 😉 I’d even believe, on their behalf, that they meant to do it all along!

    The Frozen Donkey Wheel chamber is somewhere below the Orchid Station, which is not particularly close to the Swan station. I don’t think it actually has anything to do with Jughead, except for this: I think the Others buried Jughead underground in the area where what would eventually be the Swan. Dharma came to the island and discovered the buried bomb. They built the Swan to study the inherent EM properties of the island (which are massive, and of which on section is the DFW chamber). The bomb’s components (its core) was to be utilized to contain, or possibly channel the EM power of the island to be used for time travel. At some point there was an “incident” where the control ran amok and radiation started leaking. The massive concrete wall was built, Candle lost an arm, and the Swan was redesigned to house the computers that had to have The Numbers entered at 108 minute intervals or the EM pulse would escape. The failsafe key was built for a specific purpose – to controlled detonate the nuke if the numbers were ever not entered and the EM went out of control.

    That exact thing happened – Locke and Eko didn’t enter the numbers, the hatch began to implode, and Desmond turned the failsafe key. Jughead, still inside the bunker, went off – but the power of the island’s EM turned it into a time-wonking, purple-sky implosion and contained all the radiation sending Desmond unstuck in time and throwing Locke, Eko and Charlie clear.

  3. Dube – I always enjoy what you have to say about LOSt. I like that you wonder if the Island needs a constant. I had forgotten all about Teresa. She falls up and down the stairs? What the hell does that mean … stairs of time?

    And, Barry, what a cool idea about the jughead going off when the numbers weren’t entered it! Love it!

  4. Great post! I love reading everyones ideas about Lost. It brings up so many questions 🙂

    I’ve heard the Jack being Jacob theory so many times but until now I’ve never really thought it could be possible. But with the island going back and forth in time Jacob could be just about anyone, and Jack is a good a guess than any!

  5. The hydrogen bomb was completely unexpected. I wonder if the US army hung it in that scaffold or if that was something the others managed to do.

    There are so many interesting time loops being formed now. Now we know Whitmore was on the island with the others back in the 1950’s. I Guess there had to be some reason he suspected the island was more than a chunk of real estate.

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  7. I haven’t considered any of these possibilities, but I think the time shifting is a consequence of Ben’s attempt to move the island. I’m curious to see how the Oceanic 6 get back there again.

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