Battlestar Galactica!!

The first episode of Season 4.5 was absolutely AMAZING – so say we all!

There are going to be MAJOR spoilers in this post from this episode, so if you haven’t seen it yet, DO NOT READ. I’m going to describe every twist and turn, so don’t be spoiled!



Click “Read More” below to read my analysis of Battlestar! I’ve put it on a separate link to spare people from being spoiled. 🙂

The Fifth Cylon!

Wow. Was anyone else as surprised as I was? Ellen Tigh – dang. I had heard her name brought up several times, but I was leaning toward Roslin or Baltar. Maybe Gaeta even. I didn’t think Ellen would be the choice, especially since she is dead! Or is she?

When Earth was destroyed, she had “everything in place” for them to be reborn. So will she be reborn again? And what does that mean, exactly? Is it like the Cylons, when they are downloaded into new bodies, or are they literally reincarnated as babies?

The 13th Colony

Even more shocking than Ellen was learning that the 13th Colony was made of CYLONS. Now this is where things get trippy. There were humanoid Cylons around 2,000 years ago, long before OUR folks ever saw a humanoid Cylon. There were also Cylon “Centurions” around 2,000 years ago, long before Cylons were  invented.

So what does it mean? Is there something encoded in human genetics that makes us want to create Cylons? Did these “ancient” Cylons play a role in the current Centurions’ evolution into “skinjobs”? I’m apt to think that was the case. In the miniseries, no one knew where the skin jobs came from. When the Centurions started trying to evolve, like we saw in Razor, that might have been led by the ancient Cylons, in an attempt to re-create their nuked race.


This was the other crazy reveal. Starbuck is dead! And yet, she lives. And her new self was given a new Viper. At first I thought this was proof that she was a Cylon. No one else resurrects. But maybe Earth is different. Maybe Cylons and Humans are so similar that the resurrection technology that saved the Final Five also works on Humans. So anyone who dies on/near Earth will be resurrected.

Will Dee come back?

OR… Maybe Earth was a mirror-image of the 12 colonies. In other words, on Earth it was the humans who came and nuked the Cylons, the humans who wanted genocide. So maybe humans resurrected Starbuck and sent her back with a means to destroy the remaining Cylons (i.e. Harbinger of Death.) This would explain why Leoben was so freaked out. (Which, by the way, freaked me out. Leoben was running from Starbuck!)

The other crazy idea I thought of was…what if Starbuck caused the destruction of Earth? What if the Nebula was a wormhole that sent her 2000 years back in time. When her ship arrived in Earth’s atmosphere, it somehow sparked the nuclear holocaust. This is not quite as likely, however, because Starbuck’s body looked months decomposed, not 2000 years.


Dee’s suicide TOTALLY shocked me. I did not have a clue that was coming! It’s very in tune with human nature though. Often, when a depressed person decides to commit suicide, they appear very happy and carefree right before, like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. In fact, if someone who is very depressed suddenly DOES appear this way, it’s a huge warning sign.

The entire episode was a great look at character development. Even Adame was brought to the brink of suicide. Roslin has given up.  This is what happens when hope is torn away. Where do you find new hope? Lee seems to be the only one holding it together.

Well, the Final Four are holding it together pretty well too. But everything they know was already ripped away and they’ve had time to adjust.

The Final Four

They are still so fascinating to me! All were present at the holocaust and it seemed like some, such as Tyrol, were caught by surprise. Only Ellen was prepared. So why were THEY resurrected while everyone else on Earth was not? And why were they resurrected 2000 years later? Or have they been alive all this time, architects of what is going on now, but chose to erase their memories of such?


There is speculation that there is one more reveal: The Cylon God. But a question… Would this be the “God” of our current cylons or the Earth cylons?

Are the “head” characters agents of this God? Such as Head Six, Head Baltar, Adame’s “head” wife, etc. Or, if Cylons and humans really aren’t that different after all, then are scenes such as Adame’s visit with his dead wife a sign that humans can project just like the Cylons?

Or is it a sign that ALL the humans have a degree of Cylon in them? That they are all hybrids?

Biggest Reveal of All

All of this pales in comparison to the BIGGEST reveal of the episode, when Anders remembered playing the Watchtower song.

Anders is Bob Dylan.

I never saw that coming.


6 responses to “Battlestar Galactica!!

  1. Great recap. You really helped make sense of it all. I was shocked by everything that happened, Ellen as the final Cylon and Dee committing suicide were the biggest shocks to me. They were focusing so much on Dee during the first half of the episode, I was convinced that she was the final cylon. I can’t even imagine where the series is going from here or how it will end.

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  3. Hi Stephanie,
    Awesome breakdown. I too really enjoyed the episode. I had given up on BSG around the time of Starbuck’s breakdown. It just got too silly for me. However, I pulled a 5 episode marathon (a fortuitous mix of SciFi Channel and TiVo) and got energized once again.

    I don’t think Anders was Bob Dylan though. I think he was just playing the song when it happened. But the fact that the song even exists in that time-line is interesting. Could Cylons be the original race? Could the 12 colonies have been a terra-forming and repopulation effort by human’s on earth. Maybe leaving the planet and forgetting the heritage after thousands of years?

    Is it possible that they left Cylons on Earth to tend to it? Could the skin jobs have been in existence already in a more primitive state? Could they have evolved over time? And since they are machines, Anders could have just had the song in his memory banks from when he originally heard it…from a human…hundreds of years before?

  4. here’s an stretch of the imagination for you. IF earth was a cylon world, and we know they had been working on resurrection technology (because tigh told ellen that they would live again). AND cylons are somehow related to humans, then perhaps the resurrection system they developed is still operating. That explains how Starbuck came back.

    Perhaps it was thought that knowledge of death was too traumatic and those who were resurrected had no knowledge of the event of their death. Even the cylon raider “scar” had grown angry and twisted from knowing death so many times. So a cylon raider can be resurrected, why not starbuck in a viper? as far as the resurrection system is concerned aren’t they both organic tissue embedded in a steel shell?

    Anyway, maybe the thirteenth tribe left the colonies for a reason. Maybe being cylon is not as artificial as we’ve been thinking And, just maybe during a time of nuclear war the ability to transfer the mind into a steel exoskeleton was the only means of survival and the centurions stopped being robots and became surrogate bodies. Who knows.

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