I remember a few of you asked me to post a link to the page on BusinessWeek that featured a quote from me (my original blog post is here.) Well, after MUCH delay, I finally have it on my website thanks to a friend who saved a screen capture and sent me a PNG of it. Thanks!

If you don’t have a widescreen,Β  you may have to scroll to the right a bit to see my part. πŸ˜‰ Without further ado, here it is! Just scroll down and look to the right of the screen capture.

(PS: If you’re confused by the automatically generated links attached to my original blog post… Well so am I. How exactly did WordPress decide a blog on cancer is related to my post about being on Business Week? I think the algorithm needs a little work… Lol.)


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  1. You rock! Great bit of advice and glad you got to save it!

    Truth is, if you don’t love what you do, you really won’t be able to deal with the tough times (and there sure are going to be a lot of those moments around)!

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