This man really needs our prayers… :(

This story just broke my heart… A jet plane crashed into a San Diego home, killing a mom, two children, and her mother. The dad, Dong Yun Yoon, was not home when it happened. He left with everything right in the world and came back to find everything gone…

(Warning: This video is sad, so don’t watch unless you’re prepared to shed a few tears…)

He really needs our prayers right now. In another video, he talked about how he knew God was keeping his wife and children safe in heaven. He also said he doesn’t blame the pilot, but hopes people will pray for the pilot to not be overcome with guilt.

That’s pretty amazing. Honestly, there is no way I would handle a situation like that with the grace this man has. First, to hold on to your faith. And second, to forgive so quickly! Some might say he’s just in shock, but if you watch the videos you can see that the shock has already worn off. 😦

The wife was 36 and one baby girl had just been born in October and the other one, Grace, was 15 months old. The wife would have been just a little older than I am when they had their first child! I just cannot even imagine. In a press conference, the husband had only two requests. One was to pray for the pilot (wow). The other was that he knows there are people who have gone through worse than this, and he hopes they can tell him how.

I’m posting this for three reasons. One is that I’m amazed at how he has already forgiven the pilot. So many of us hold grudges over things that are far, far less. Second, is that life is short. Don’t ever take one second for granted, and don’t put off until tomorrow what you could do today.

Third, and most importantly, I’m posting this to ask anyone who reads this to keep him in your prayers. Pray that he finds people who can provide him with comfort and the advice he’s seeking. Sadly, the only way to get through something like this is to walk through the pain. As a wise friend of mine once said, “You can’t move on – you can never move on. But at some point, you can find the strength to move forward.”


11 responses to “This man really needs our prayers… :(

  1. Why wasn’t god keeping his wife and children safe from the plane? Why wasn’t God keeping him from so much pain? Why would a just God permit this to happen. Try and guess the answer I’d give to those questions.

    On the other hand I hope that guy will be OK. He’s gotta be devastated.

  2. I don’t know. You know, sometimes life just absofreakinlutely sucks, for no reason at all. No reason.

    My husband lost his wife and twin babies because of a drunk driver. He was playing a card game, and then the police came knocking on the door and told him his whole family was gone.

    I also know someone whose family was lost in a fire. He saved, I think, one daughter, but he couldn’t get to the other. His wife died.

    Like the man said, I don’t know how people survive stuff like this.

  3. wow. God doesn’t give us more than we can handle…so this has got to be one REALLY amazing man, to be dealt this hand. What incredible sincerity. I’ll definitely be praying…thanks for posting!

  4. @Scribbler: No reason indeed. I feel nothing but sorrow for your husband. To live with that pain.

    @Cindy: I guess God was giving out a little too much to those people who died in the house no? Maybe they were too weak to handle God’s charge? We’re those kids deserving of having a plane fall on them? All God’s plan?

  5. I wouldn’t call that a “challenge” that he “gave out” to the people in the house. We’re not immortal, after all, death does come to everyone at some point. (well, nearly everyone.) Though yours was a witty response, that’s not what the scripture refers to. No one said they “deserved” it, but yes, all God’s plan. Not like our plans might have been, but then again, if we understood every move that God made, we would BE God.

  6. His religion is giving him strength and I’m glad he can draw strength from it. He’ going to need a lot of help to get through this terrible tragedy. Exceedingly generous with his sympathy for the pilot.

  7. @Dave, I think “made in God’s image” doesn’t mean what you think it means. 😉

    @Pied – Good point… He needs all the strength he can get right now. I’m still so amazed by his attitude toward the pilot. My heart goes out to both of them during this holiday season. I can’t imagine the guilt the pilot is struggling with, too.

  8. @Dube. Well do tell. Because god is beyond this universe so he’s certainly not a talking monkey like us right? So it has to be in the kooky side of things, the spiritual side. We are in his spiritual image? And if so wouldn’t that make him/her/it as flawed as us? (he admits himself he is jealous, so I guess yeah, that would make him flawed)

    There’s this logical paradox about God. Where someone asks the almighty omnipotent one to create a rock so heavy that even God could not lift it. If God cannot create the rock then he is not God. If God cannot lift it, he is not God. Simple logic demonstrating that there is no Almighty God of the Desert. 😉

  9. Dave – sorry it’s taken me so long to respond! I’ve been in a post-finals-happy-holidays-not-doing-anything phase. 🙂

    Your logical paradox makes me think of quantum particles (quantum physics, in many ways, defies “traditional” logic.) A quantum particle can occupy two states or positions simultaneously. It doesn’t seem logical or possible to the average person, but that’s how it works. Yet the moment a quantum particle is “observed,” it is forced into one state or the other. God can be considered the same way – He’s everything at once, not “limited” so to speak until observed.

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