Australia: Droughts are too depressing. Call it “living with dryness.”

This could only happen in Australia:

Australian Droughts

Apparently, Australian government experts are calling on Aussies to stop using the word “drought” and replace it with “living with dryness” instead. Supposedly, the latter is far less depressing… They also call it “the big dry,” which to me sounds far creepier.

Hmm… Can you think of any other good euphemisms we should suggest?

Instead of “single” or “unmarried,” let’s call it “living with personal time.”

Poverty? No need for it. Now we can call it, “living without obligations.”

Recently lost a loved one? They’re not deceased, that’s too depressing. Call it, “living in another dimension.”

Terminal illness? No need to be sad. Now you’re just “living for today.”

Any other ideas? Oh, and if you can’t think of any, don’t worry, you’re not having writer’s block. You’re just “living with decreased creativity.”



6 responses to “Australia: Droughts are too depressing. Call it “living with dryness.”

  1. If Adam is correct, I’m enjoying my third period of singleness. And rather enjoying it.

    That Aussie drought thing. In Oklahoma they called it the Dust Bowl, the Dirty Thirties. Still a lot of it around when I was a kid and it wasn’t fun. Cough, hack, hack.

  2. Adam: LOL! Awesome.

    Pied: That does not sound like fun at all. I bet allergies are awful in dust bowls!

    Friar: LOL!

    Rach: I knew you’d contribute something great on here!

    Kaylee: Doing great! Thanks for stopping by!

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