Spam…Text messages?

As if receiving 100+ spam in my e-mail account every day isn’t bad enough…

Today I received a text message on my cell phone… And it was spam! What the heck? When did people start spamming folks through text messages and how do I get it to stop?! Especially creepy is the lack of a phone number to go with the text.

Anyone else gotten something like this?


10 responses to “Spam…Text messages?

  1. I’ve only received spam from my provider advertising some new service I don’t want. I never participate in news polls when the anchor asks people to text their vote. Whoever is doing it may be trying to find a legitimate phone number, so treat it like e-mail spam and don’t respond.

  2. if its from your service provider you have to uncheck it. At&t signs you up for there ads automatically.

    Google search your number and find out where its at, if its not showing up then it was a random guess and DO NOT reply to it, its just like fax mail, if they know you exist you will get more.

  3. Thanks for the comments & the advice. I couldn’t reply even if I had wanted to, as there was no return number. But of course, as with much spam, there was a “visit this link for more info!” Right… Like I would fall for that!

    OmegaWolf – I’m so sorry you’ve been dealing with this since the start of the year. Awful!

  4. Unfortunately “yes!” I have experienced this. And frankly, it is annoying! I haven’t received any lately which is a good sign but I’ll tell ya, I’m surprised and annoyed when it’s happened.

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