No self-respecting man would wear this…

Umm… What on EARTH? While searching for black & pink running shoes for women, I came across these:

Yes, you read correctly. New Balance brand running shoes for MEN. Here’s a close up:

What man would WEAR these? And why were they even invented? Hot pink running shoes for MEN? *confused*

For the guys who read this blog – would *you* wear these? Ever?


9 responses to “No self-respecting man would wear this…

  1. When I first arrived in basic training, I made the bad decision to wear a Hawaiian shirt. I was pretty much verbally assaulted and humiliated for about 3 hours until a guy came in wearing, believe it or not, pink running shoes and short-shorts.

    Needless to say, I was off the hook from that point on.

    I still haven’t worn another Hawaiian shirt. 🙂

  2. well if he talks and walks like Richard Simmons, and likes to ‘access-or-ize’ his wardrobe, then maybe I can see a guy wearing these… What were those ad guys thinking? PINK??!!

  3. Oh my gosh! All your comments are making me laugh. I guess the verdict is a definite “no” on pink running shoes for men. 😛

    Adam – NO in all caps. Nice emphasis. 😛

    Dave – Black makes far more sense than pink!

    Kevin – I can’t believe *any* guy would be crazy enough to wear pink shoes and short-shorts to basic training! Wow.

    Cinema – you had me scared for a second there, lol.

    Scottie – Richard Simmons… Oh my word. That’s another post entirely.

    Kraze – purple socks? Even I’ve never done that one! lol

  4. YEAH ! I’ve got those ! I really love them ❤ !!!!!! they’re a heaven to my feeeeeet 😀


    *PINK = the new BLACK ! in 2009 ( YES even for MEN ! ) *

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