I’ve been autoburied by Digg

Well, it seems my blog has joined the fate of many before it. Despite containing original material, it has been reported as spam by users and is now on Digg’s auto-bury list.

How do I know? Well, go to Digg and run a search on the title of my last blog post. It won’t show up. But if you click “include buried stories,” then it does show up. (Auto-bury kicks in when a submission gets close to 200 diggs.)

If you look at my Top 10 Websites post and do the same thing, it shows up as buried too. This must have happened after that one Top 10 I wrote went popular and got almost 2000 diggs. A group of people became jealous and decided to wreak havoc on my poor blog.

It’s kind of sad, because I was hoping to gain enough of an audience to convince an agent to take on a book I wrote. Obviously I’m not too happy about this latest development. But what can you do? Just go on to the next idea!

(And PS – I am extremely grateful for my loyal readers who come and post comments! I have to make sure you know that. 🙂 I’m just frustrated at Digg’s bias against blogs.)


6 responses to “I’ve been autoburied by Digg

  1. Digg isn’t what it used to be unfortunately since they’ve be taken advantage of far too often. It’s a shame that the innocent pay the price.

  2. Thanks for the comments & support, everyone! 🙂

    Cinematically – I have several books (one is a scifi novel!) But the finished one I was specifically writing about is a humor book (in the same sarcastic vein as some of my posts) about modern modes of dating.

    I’ve thought about a scifi humor book (like life lessons learned from scifi), but I’m not sure if I’d run into copyright/trademark issues with that.

  3. Though I still read on Digg and sometimes I wonder why I bother submitting, Digg is the equivalent of the High School cool click. Either you are in or you will never ever be in.

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