Nigerian scams reach a new low: eHarmony

Nigeria strikes again. Seriously, when are they going to realize that we’re onto them? But now they’ve reached a new low. An alert reader notified me of this new development (the name has been removed):


Hmm… If he’s going to try to scam a dating site, can’t he at least come up with a decent cover? An occupation of “still trying to get a good job” is not exactly appealing unless you’re one of those “I can change him! I can change him!” types. Oh wait, sorry. His job title is: “Still trying to get ba good job.”

I love how his ethnicity is listed as African American, but his picture is this:




This just screams “Hey! I’m from a catalogue! I’m FAKE!!!!”

I really would like to find the source of this photo. Has anyone seen this picture? Maybe on a frame you bought at Target? If so, please tell me.

I’d love to write a follow up.


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137 responses to “Nigerian scams reach a new low: eHarmony

  1. They let you into eharmony!?

    They let a bot into eharmony?

    Apparently I am so full of fail that the system doesnt work for me.

    Here let me get you what it says:

    eHarmony is based upon a complex matching system developed through extensive research with married couples. One of the requirements for successful matching is that participants fall within certain defined profiles. If we find that we will not be able to match a user using these profiles, we feel it is only fair to inform them early in the process.

    We are so convinced of the importance of creating compatible matches to help people establish happy, lasting relationships that we sometimes choose not to provide service rather than risk an uncertain match.

    Unfortunately, we are not able to make our profiles work for you. Our matching model could not accurately predict with whom you would be best matched. This occurs for about 20% of potential users, so 1 in 5 people simply will not benefit from our service. We hope that you understand, and we regret our inability to provide service for you at this time.

  2. How bizarre! Good catch, Steph, and I’ll be scanning the shelves at Target next time I go to see if I see Mr. Thoughtful Blonde Guy. lol

  3. “His job title is: ‘Still trying to get ba good job.’ ”

    And apparently he learned the mother tongue from watching old episodes of Fat Albert…

  4. If you still have idiot women still falling for this nonsense then blame the gulible dopes on this side of the ocean as well.

  5. yeah things like this have been going on for a while still good to see that someone decided to point out idiots like this fake page come on the typo was great lol =] the least they could do was go to page 47 in google or something and get a picture of an african american that actually looks real..

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  7. I encountered one of these nigerians on eharmony. She (He) posed as a young woman living in Florida, she had pictures, etc. But her grammer and spelling was terrible, so that’s what made me suspicious. She immediately wanted me to send her more pictures of myself. I think their doing this to have more of a database of real people’s pictures. Eventually she got around to wanting me to send her $2,200 to a bank in Africa and she mentioned she was working in Nigeria. When I started asking her how she wound up in Africa, when she was suppose to be living in Florida with her grandmother, no response. She had her profile listed as Native American, but she didn’t look indian to me.

  8. I got matched with 6 scammers from Nigeria all of whom said they were from the US. Some sad story how they had to leave the US. Next, they will get around to asking for money. Stay away.

  9. I too was being scammed on Eharmony but a lot of things didnt add up. The person I met 3 weeks into talking to each other told me his daughter Jane Brown was in South Africa with his mother and sufferred a brain tumor and needed $2k more so she could have emergency brain surgery. when I started to ask question, he started to say what kind of woman I was to let a child die because I wouldnt send money.

  10. Unfortunately it is up to the administrators of the site to be more alert to the Nigerians and review the photos better. This is one good reason why people should wake up to Free Online dating. You can read my article about the dangers on my Squidoo page at Scammers can ruin peoples lives, they go after seniors and singles on dating sites. You need to read my article before you sign up for another free dating site. Compare the dollar store to a quality store…something gets lost in the quality and don’t you deserve the best?

  11. I came across a scammer on pretending to be a guy from Texas. He said he was originally from England and had been here several years. His English and grammar was poor to say the least, especially for someone who supposedly grew up in England. After IMing several times, he said he was in Nigeria on business and needed money to bring home the goods he purchased. Asked if I could loan him the money and he would replay he a few days when he returned. Yeah, right!!!. His photo didn’t match the one on his IM screen, second flag, then the hit for $$. Asked him for his US address and phone ##. Address came up as a business that didn’t match his and the phone ## wouldnot go through. He explained that as him turning it off when traveling. Another, yeah right. Be careful about giving away any personal information, photos, etc. These people use this to post on other dating sites and may even, depending on the info you give them, steal your identity. I reported it to and asked them to verify his identity and information. I’m sure it’s borrowed and he’s using someone’s elses credit card that he lifted.

  12. Haven’t heard of timothy from Seattle. I am currently talking to George from North Carolina. He was working on an oil rig off the coast of Scotland. Was going to see him mom in South Africa for a week and then coming home to North Carolina so we could be together. Oh my, he was in an accident and his daughter has to have surgery, but the doctors won’t do it without 5000 dollars. His mom only has 3000 and said anything I could send him would help. There’s just one problem. I am poor. I told him and he said that if I loved him I would find a way to help him. Well, I told him that the only thing I could do was think of him and pray for him and his daughter. For some reason he reallly doesn’t talk to me anymore. Hmmmmm wonder why. He picked the wrong girl. By the way, I met him through eharmony. What a joke.

  13. Mindy….your story sounds so familiar. Timothy from seattle all of the sudden had to go work in London on an oil rig. He said there was some kind of oil spill and he would be sent to jail if he did not come up with money to pay for it, or whatever. He asked me to loan him like $1500. Of course i told him no. I had no idea this sort of thing happened. He spent a lot of time talking to me and calling me from overseas. It makes me wonder if they (scammers) really profit off of people???

  14. Wow! Lots of crazy stories! What a small world that some of you may have been targeted by the same person, or at least the same group of people using the same story.

    I think I’ll be writing a follow-up to this in the near future.

  15. Hey ya’ll. Just a heads up. I had another scam attempt on myspace. He sent me a message and wanted to talk on yahoo. I started talking to him and within the first 10 minutes he said that I would be a perfect stepmom to his 22 year old child. That’s when the alarm bells started ringing. Then he proceeded to tell me that he is working in England for Texaco and his son is in AFRICA. One day he hopes to bring his son to the US. I finally told him that I was recently scammed and everything he was saying was sounding more and more like another one. I told him good luck in all you do and have a nice life. He wanted to know why I thought that and I deleted him. Whatever you do, NEVER NEVER tell them what they are doing wrong. We don’t want them to learn their mistakes. I found a website that tells you what signs to look out for. I have to say thank goodness for this site. Now when I meet someone online I use this as a checklist.
    SCAMMERS BEWARE!!!! We aren’t as stupid as you think we are.

    • HI

      • Hi Jayne and All —
        Just another alias to add to the list. Benjamin (Ben) Paxton…

        Identical story…strange grammar, divorced, found ex w best friend, son Alex conveniently homeschooled and shuffled off to Mother in West Africa when he has to jet off to UK for work as a geologist for a job. Alex and ex in car accident, coma, needs $1000 to start surgery.

        Had a feeling it was a scam from the start, or at least someone pretty needy, talking about me being “the one”, loner and willing to relocate very early on. Had a very strong feeling he was not who he said he was, vague inconsistent answers to direct questions. Said he already made travel arrangements to come see me (next weekend) but didn’t consult me as to when!

        When the hit came this morning, I felt actually relieved. As soon as I heard Nigeria (my apologies to honest fine Nigerians) I decided to put “son brain surgery Nigerian scam” into Google and up popped this site.

        I asked him “wh is Jayne?” And told him not to contact me ever again or I would have him arrested for harassment.

        I would not have sent money even if I had it, which I don’t. Out of luck!

        Honor your gut feelings, people.

  16. The person in the picture is a model from Focus Hawaii. He has nothing to do with the illegal use of his picture. E-harmony isn’t the only dating site infested with scammers. They are everywhere on the Internet and its not just a small group of people. Scamming is the 3rd highest source of income for Nigeria. Always research anyone you meet online and never, ever send money. They will always come up with a reason for money. There is no such thing as Basic Travel Allowance. If someone you are talking with online is stranded in another country. Tell them to visit the US Embassy for help because they will never leave a US Citizen stranded in another country. Remember Google is your friend.

  17. Chatting with a guy from Tottenham England who claims to be an accountatnt. Hasn’t asked for $$ yet but fits the descriptions and is coming on really strong. Sentenece structure and grammar is horrendous and his mom is from SOuth Africa. Says his dad is in the hospital awaiting a kidney transplant. He’ll probably hit me up soon. I’m playing along. I’ll keep you posted….

  18. Mindy: I hadn’t thought about NOT telling them so they don’t learn from their mistakes. But that’s really good advice!

    Concern: Wow! Thanks for the info! I’ll post an updated blog on this ASAP.

    Creamie: That sounds like the M.O. Can’t wait to hear what happens next!

  19. eharmony there s a guy named as richard or rick macdonald, pretending to be from keizer oregon and to be an engineer, working in Nigeria Lagos and suddenly asked me for money, usd850 through western union to his importer agent…they use a very religious image…take care girls

  20. hey guys i love this forums…this ppl tried with me too but they couldnt!! here some of the info they sent me after all

    First Name: Bakare
    Last Name: Johnson
    Address: 20 Ikeja Road
    City: Ikeja
    State: Lagos
    Zipcode: 23401

    they want u to send money by westerunion because there is no bank facilities…..anyways take care everyone..internet isnt a safe place to find love and do business!!!!

  21. Melissa & Mindy
    Tim from Seattle is a scam….I was the sucker who sent him money….he is very believable…loving dad, christian, caring man etc….sends you love poems. be careful and NEVER send money, no matter how much they promise to repay you…..

  22. I have two trying to scam me. eHarmony – I even think that it’s one person working me as two different men. Poor English, one in Africa on business and needs money to get home, one in England, sick neice but hasn’t asked for money yet, all the same things mentioned in every one of these blogs. Very sad! I never had any intention of sending money. The one guy I told him my attorney would draw up legal documents for him to sign before I lent the money just to see what he’d say. Well you guessed it, he got mad and couldn’t beleive that i didn’t trust him because he loves me, blah blah blah!!!

  23. I met Fletcher from the UK on EHarmony who claimed to be Dutch and living in Macon, GA, but working on an oil rig in the UK. After chatting for a couple of months, we both closed our EHarmony accounts. He had been professing his love for me for some time already and was planning relocating to Las Vegas to be near me so that we could date and further explore our relationship. Four days before he was supposed to arrive, he contacted me and said that one of his workers was killed on the oil rig while he was not supervising as he should have been. He told me that the oil company he worked for was insisting he pay the family $120,000.00 within 5 days or they would pull his contract and not pay him the $200,000 pounds they owed him. He kept me updated on the money that he had gathered to fulfill their request. However, when he came down to the last $10,000.00 he finally asked me if I could give him a loan. When I denied the request and told him I felt that he was scamming me all along for the money, he got extremely offended and broke it off with me. Surprise, Surprise. That only confirmed my suspicion that he was a scam artist. Beware of Fletcher from the UK on Eharmony, Ladies.

    • Can u tell me anymore about mason callahan. I was contacted by him and I’m just wondering what angle he will use… Told me he was from denver. He’s in china for work. Says he will be back next week. Has a son,jeffrey at home.


      • I was contacted by Mason Callahan on OKCupid. He has a 12 year old son, who’s mother got killed in a car accident on her way to work 4 years ago. He says he lives in Denver, CO. He is 47 years old. He closed his OKCupid account because he wants to be exclusive with me. He said he was a veterinarian. He’s under contract in the UK with something to do with World Health Organization. He wanted to know my likes or dislikes and I told him I disliked men who make 2 times more than me asking me for money. I told him a ended a relationship because this guy I was dating asked me for money and he was an engineer.

        That was a couple of days ago – we’ll see if he e-mails me back

  24. Watch out for “Patrick” from Belevdere Ca. Says he is originally from Georgia but when I spoke witn him briefly he had a south african/british accent. His profile and what he claimed were not consisitent. Said he was widowed but then said he was divorced. He also goes by “William Patrick Collins.”
    He was on eharmony. I think he was going to try and scam me but I caught on.

  25. I think I caught a “fish” as well, and he is still on but doesnt know I know of the fraud yet. His name is supposivley Micheal Perotti, his screen name is “kindhearted962”. He says he lives in South Carolina, but is from Sweden, and born in italy. Wouldnt you know it, parents and brother were killed when he was 9, and his wife was killed 5 years ago. At first, I thought just a regular guy, with a sad story. Of course his writing is wierd, but that would be xplained by his not being from here….he is a geologist, who does routine trips out of country to dig soil for crude oil, diamond, and mineral excavations. The sad thing is, there is a picture of a 5 year old girl, who he claims is his daughter. Who knows how to find out who those pictures really belong to?
    Right away I was IT, in his mind. He loves me, after 3 weeks??? He of course can move anywhere, so he said soon he would meet me. Well of course instantly he had to go do a job, and its in nigeria, and wouldnt be able to see me for 8 weeks. He had some mishap with his phone, so couldnt call me, but when he left for Nigeria, I asked him to get a phone to call me!! Well now he has one, but wont call me, he expected me to call him. He has no bank account, he said all of his monthly earnings are sent to a security company…I am sure that story was paving the way for him to ask me for money eventually. He doesnt know I know, boy I wanna stick it to him…. Any suggestions?? He deserves it!! my email is if anyone has ideas on how to find out who the pics belong to and what to do now…..

    • Hi…same story here..scammed once ..boy he was good…same story..daughter in coma in UK he is in Ireland and needs money…didnt get paid from the job hes done.

      5 more tried after him..BB is that site since yahoo is closing.

      Beware of: Dennis Baker , luv2bluvd-Ben Paxton
      funfairytaletony-Tony Hamilton-son richard

      Ill keep you updated with more…dont be stupid girls….i was once…never again…..

  26. Hey his name is Steve MacDonald that is all that needs to be said, but he tried hard 6 months of talking… and i hope all of these scammers are reading this ….


  27. The Kidney one is going on now with me. He was posted on Soulsingles. Says he is from Globe Arizona. Accountant. In Nigeria with his son Junior and his dad who waiting for a kidney transplant. The transplant is supposed to happen tomorrow. This should be interesting.

  28. Okay 3 am. I just got a text. “We really need to talk” I asked why is something wrong. I am waiting for the response. And here it is “call me we need to talk about something” This is so exciting. I am dialing the phone here goes. Okay no hit up. Weird. But it is coming. I will keep you posted.

  29. Okay now it is 1:30 pm the following day. The hit has been set up. All he has is check from the US which he will go to the bank tomorrow to cash. He has spent all his money on his hotel bills and his dad’s surgery and he needs to book his ticket home. I have asked him many questions, about his accent which is clearly not South African, about the car in his driveway in Arizona which does not have an Arizona plate, about the photo of him driving because he is on the wrong side of the car, this amazing. An answer for everything, not a good answer but an answer.

    I will keep you posted

  30. I am keeping this guy on the line. He is calling me all the time. He misses me. He loves me. The interesting thing is he even gets annoyed with me. I told him to eat his dinner later and talk to me now. He hung up. Called me back and said I was inconsiderate. I see the mechanism. Try to make me feel like I am doing something unkind. Then the hit works so much better. Play on my guilt. I can see how women are being pulled in. It must be devastating. He says all the right things. I have to say he is good. Too good to be allowed to continue. He may have met his match.

  31. Well here is an interesting turn of events. This morning I got a call saying he needed to talk. I really thought he was going for the cash. The scene had been set. It was ready to go. And then he confessed everything. Everything. Said he was not who he said he was, not his photos, no son, no sick father, never been to the states and that he was scamming women for money.

    I was to say the least shocked. He said he just couldn’t to it to me. Amazing. Another ploy? We will see.

    • Wow Sandra, that is a really unexpected turn of events. It sounds like an attempt at a new ploy. What did he say after that? That he wants to stay in touch? Very interesting!

  32. Well, he is staying in touch. So I guess it is another ploy. There have been others who have confessed but they all seem to have done it after the hit. This is a unique situation. I will continue to play it out. I am a documentary fil maker and I find this so interesting. The emotional strings that are pulled. SCamming is one thing but using peoples hearts, I don’t know for me it makes it so much worse. I will keep you posted. I am sure this is not over.

  33. he is still trying to call me. I have been busy so I have not been answering. It seems to make him more persistent. I told him there was not a circumstance where I would send him money. But still he calls. I told him not a dying mother or baby nothing. I would never send him a dime. But still he keeps calling. Would it not be great if he had finally changed his ways?

    • It certainly would be great if he finally learned his lesson! Unfortunately, most keep it up hoping to find the occasional person who will fall for the scam. Do you have any new news to share with us?

  34. ok I have the same story only is to pay for a shipment of materials. he has NOT asked me for anything. He has been robbed and had a gun to his head and his daughters and still has NOT asked for anything. I feel like its a scam it sounds like one it feels like one but he has almost all of the money he needs and he still has not asked me for anything

    • The “being robbed” story is pretty commonplace among scammers. I would venture to guess that he’s not asking for anything yet to gain your trust, and will ask for something once he has it. Recently, some people’s profile accounts on Facebook have been hacked into, and the hackers claim the person is kidnapped and needs money. Keep me posted on what you learn next!

  35. Another eHarmony one? Olivia Robert ?

    I live in Oregon, and this woman claims to live in Oregon as well… about 2 hours from where I am. Of course, she’s very pretty, and has terrible grammar as she supposedly was born in Malaysia. She claims to be doing volunteer work in Africa doing art for kids. Yet she has a 3 year old daughter she left in Oregon with her uncle who has cancer. She needs me to cash her check for artwork she’s sold so she can buy a plane ticket back to the states. She says the check is coming from someone in the U.S. and it’s for a few thousand dollars. She is not offering me a ‘finders fee’ and says I can transfer the money via Western Union or Money Gram. Is it a scam? I think so… but it’s odd because it offers me zero money, which is different from most scams. Unless I just cashed the check and kept it. Or will they have a link to my bank account if I cash it through my bank? ID theft? Sending cash through Western Union seems fairly harmless…

    I’m nearly 100% sure this is a scam… but I’m indulging it just to see what kind of further details come up!

    Any other gentleman come across this Olivia Robert from Newport Oregon? She also got booted off eHarmony recently and has similar profiles on MySpace and Facebook under the same name and location in Oregon, but they have not been used for a long time… I’ve also found her via Google on other dating sites using the same alias and location. I imagine I’m not the only one out there she’s talking to!

  36. … follow up to my previous post…

    After searching around… it does seem this person: Olivia Robert is fitting all the profiles for a scam.

    The common things:

    Picture of Asian model type, poor grammar, asked for money to help with hotel bill, then asked for help cashing check, also had sob story of uncle with cancel, yet leaves her 3 year old daughter at home in Oregon with him while she’s in Africa for a month doing volunteer work! Yet her uncle is not able to cash the check for her? But can take care of her child? Claims to love you like after 3 emails. Profile was deleted from eHarmony for violation of TOS, so obviously there were others she was talking to.

    I think I will no longer indulge this person. I have not given away any person information or address… so that’s good! I don’t know how to track the IP ? Can I get that information out of their email? I also considered setting up a PO Box just so I can get the check… a nice memento of what’s wrong in this world!

    Beware… be smart… and good luck!

    • Hello! Yes, it does sound like a classic scam. A lot of these scammers use photos that are posted on modeling agencies’ websites to make themselves harder to resist. Definitely sounds like a classic scam! As for tracking the IP from an e-mail address, you can certainly do this by tracking the IP in the header. Here is a good Web site to use for this: (it’s a subpage from

  37. Wow, this really helped a lot. I’ve been going back and forth with this girl named ‘Mercy’ on yahoo messenger(found me on yahoo personals) who lives in Virginia, is from England but is now in Nigeria with her sick mom who needs a kidney transplant. She already has $2800 but needs another $500. (Are kidney transplants really only $3300?)
    I just recently considered actually sending the money, then I found this page. Thank you all for bringing me to my senses.

    I haven’t seen many others on here of girls trying to scam guys though. I think that would happen more than the other way around… ?

    • Glad this could help, Kurt! You know, I don’t hear quite as many stories about women scamming men on these sites, but I have heard a few. Maybe it’s because there are more women on dating sites in general? (Not sure if that stat is correct, but it’s just a thought…)

  38. … well seems my last slew of questions and lack of response has ended communications with the apparent scammer. Just goes to prove that it was a scam.

    Always best to go with your gut instinct. Asking for money isn’t all that uncommon in many cultures, they just don’t look at money the same way, so it can be a tad difficult to know if it’s just culture or a scam. But enough good questions always weeds it out. Unfortunately I was unable to find the source where “her” pictures came from… but oh well. What’s done is done.

    I also did the email IP trace… and it said the email was originating from France or there bouts, not Africa! Crazy people! Be careful people.

    • Wow, France? Interesting! Could have been using one of those anonymous proxies to disguise the location too, or it could have been a scammer from France. Craziness! The pics can be hard to track down sometimes. It took me a long time to track down the scammer I ran into.

  39. Kurt…

    Yeah, I’d stay away from that one with a 10 foot pole! The patterns of asking for money mixed with a sob story seem to be the tell tale of a scam! It’s all the same situation with different characters. They prey on us for feeling sorry. How could such a bad thing happen to such a beautiful woman? Or man I suppose?

    It’s unfortunate that a few have to ruin it for so many. There are legit people online. Best to stay local, ask questions about details (city, home, why they are doing what they are doing? etc…), and if you can… ask for recent photos, and photos that relate to where they say they are. It’s ridiculous that someone would enter online dating and not be able to provide pictures or say they can’t provide you any new ones. If all they can give you are modeling photos. You know that’s bad.

    Good luck… be safe… and be smart ! 🙂

  40. hello; scammer is all around i have the same story like u guys. first last dec. i met in tagged name william alison smith he said his engineer and working in bahrain, and he said he send me some presnt through corporate express and then after few days they asking money to process in malaysian costum. then after chatting with him and talking to him in the phone he admitted that he is not the real person in the picture he said his been used with this gang in malaysia and force to do it even he doesnt like it. but originally he came from nigeria. so watch out! then next is mason callahan from denver colorado and he is engineer too and he work in china and after three day of chatting with him he said he’s going to africa and i find out that he is from lagos nigeria when he ask money to help him bec they been robbeb and he need to pay his worker and he really scared. so pls remember this name……they are scammer!!!!!

  41. Hi everyone,

    I’m currently experiencing what I’m pretty certain is an attempted scam. I was matched with a Stephen Williams on eharmony. He claims to own a Accounting and Finance business in Hanford, California. As soon as we were matched he gave me his Yahoo IM address so we could chat online ( He said he was born in Spain to an African-American mother and an African father from Nigeria (which explained his accent). One week later he said he received a letter from relatives in Nigeria saying that his father had passed away and they needed him to come immediately because due to Nigerian tradition he could not be buried without his son present. He left, even IM-ing me from the airport! A few days after he was there he claimed that he wasn’t aware that here was no international banking there and that he had only taken his bank card with him. He needed me to send him $300 to help with the service for his father and he would of course return the money when he returned in a week. I of course said no, at the time only pissed at him for doing something so stupid like asking for money so early in a relationship. He later called me and said if I could at least send $200 that would help. Again I said no. Today I received an email from eharmony saying that they had terminated his profile. This got me to thinking and researching and finding all of these helpful sights that put all the “coincidences” under a spotlight. He also IM’ed me today and I told him straight out that I had received the email from eharmony and was there anything he wanted to tell me? He was upset and claimed that he was emailing them to find out what was going on, that it was complete b**lsh*t. I haven’t heard back from him after that. I consider myself to be lucky to have caught on quickly and not be sucked in any further than I was. I’ve read on other sights about these scammers sending emails with attachment that later record your keystrokes. Be careful everyone, and use your common sense. If I hear from him again I’ll post updates.

    • The same Stephen Williams is on He claims to be a widower with a child. A civil enginner who lives in California but travels a lot, born and grew up in Spain. He was an orphan and moved to CA about 6 months ago. His e-mail is and his number in the UK is 447024039877. Whatever you do, just ignore his online dating winks and e-mails. He is not who is said he and do not give him your personal information. I gave him my yahoo messenger user name and phone number and now I have had to change them.

  42. i was scammed on eharmony with the nigeria angle. i think i knew it all along, but i wanted to believe it was true. the first sums of $ were an amount i was willing to risk to find love…..the $ amount kept getting larger each time. after each payment i was beating myself up. but they knew exactly what to say. this last time she wanted $3k. i declined. im hurting right now. im out a lot of money and this person i thought i shared something with was nothing but a lie…..i wish i had found this site sooner…. :[

  43. Anyone hear of a Mason through A friend of mine is talking to him and she just sent him $5,000 by Western Union to Nigeria this morning for the cost of shipment of vaccine for 6,000 chickens from Bejing, China to somewhere in Chad, Africa. She is head over heels fallen for this guy and believes anything he says.

  44. Has anyone heard of Kelvin Taylor, art dealer from Amsterdam? I met him on He sent pictures of him and his 12 yr. old daughter…very nice looking people. He claims to be a widower. We IMed for a couple of weeks then he had to go to West Africa to find hand-made artwork. While there he spent all his cash and couldn’t use his credit cards. Then, his daughter became ill and he needed money for medical treatment. I refused to send money, but he keeps calling 10 to 12 times a day. I am ignoring the calls.

  45. watch up! this one is very professional…a very good experience
    has anyone heard of Patrick Brown, an interior designer cum civil engineer? My friend met him on He sent pictures of him and his 12 yr old daughter and his pet..very nice looking people. He claims to be a widower. Everything looked so real…he has a website : , email add: a UK mobile phone number which he called her several times, and they chat everyday. After few months, he claimed that he had to travel to Nigeria for business. Somehow he managed to get the British Airline to sent a email confirmation of his trip with his daughter Kimberley Brown departure from London to Nigeria. After few days stay in Lagos, he bought two tickets to her country; again, he managed to get the email confirmation from KLM, “paid in cash and tickets collected”. Then he said he had spent all his cash and couldn’t use his credit cards. He asked her to process a money transfer to her account, guide her to login his internet banking website bank..again all the information looked so real in his bank account, name and registered UK mobile phone number. Shortly she received a email confirmation from his bank –, to confirm on the money transfer. After that he asked her to send him the money via Western Union due to the urgency, so she did. Then he lied that he was being robbed, he has no money, no credit card and no more call credit in his mobile phone. He emailed her, expressing his terrible situation in a rather good command of English. but this time she refused to send him anymore money. Unfortunately, she received another email from his bank :, saying that he could not be contacted to confirm on the release of money. He explained that because he had no credit left in his phone which the bank used to contact him, so she had to sent him some money to top up his call credit. She had no choice but to take a second risk, hoping that she would get back her money. After one week, money still not arrived, again he lied about his bank was having some internal problem, where they had to wait for the problem to be resolved. Then he asked her to send him a sim card and top up some credits, because he internet access is due to expire, and he needs to keep in touch with her. But this time she promised herself that she will not send him any money or anything. Instead, she called up a UK ambassy officer in Nigeria for a favor, to call his number, and to confirm whether this person exist or not. To her disappointment, the officer said, he hang up after hearing his voice, and when he tried to call the second time, he refused to pick up the phone. so its obviously a scam. Well, people make mistake, i really pity her. I am writing on behalf of her because she doesn’t have the courage to do it. This man may still be there, please share with us

    • how did you find the UK embassy officer in Nigeria? coz I really want a scammer investigated as well. He gave me the name Anthony Fernandes Emmanuel, the mobile number is 00447563461166

    • hi carol:
      i read sotry yesterday and today is 2010 6 9, the same story and same man,happen to me too.
      i coma from taiwan, and i meet him in match com in 2008 12 .2,yes, like you said, he is very good looking guy(i am no sure the picture is real the man who talking with us online).
      i wish your friend go away form this bad siluation now like me.
      last week i meet him in msn and he ask me for money again, i say no,
      last night i saw him in msn but i dont talking with him again
      have a nice day

  46. I recently found out about this widower Ken Kren, very handsome with a young child. He has a web site on jewels, travels to India, China and far off places. was also on scamming shamelessly. He is slick and claims his love within days! Then asks for money. Shame on him. Can’t these guys be caught.

  47. Here is something new on Ken Kren. He has a website alright with his picture. This slick dude is a businessman alright, but he is much older; almost 70, not 50 his stated age. Looks like grandpa, no teeth. But love the suit. Ladies wise up. If they fall in love with you in days and promise you marriage, love and happy ending RUN and don’t look back.

    • Ken Kren – info about this scammer is everywhere (starts out on Match and then gives you an Yahoo address). He’s using the same story over and over. I was smart (thank goodness) and didn’t fall for his BS. I’m wondering how many out there have fallen for this CREEP!

      *enjoyed the long stem red roses, Godiva Chocolates…not sure about the bear-but it was a nice touch.

  48. Beware of “Dewey Wolfe”—supposedly from Houston Minnesota and on a job erecting a cell tower in Nigeria. Very smooth talker—asked to have money orders in my name sent to me in the US from clients that owed him money–Filed a report with FBI Internet security, NJ Cyber Crimes Unit and talked to the Houston Minnesota police chief.
    I pushed the issue to have him call me because I wanted to hear his “voice”—Oh my, an American businessman he is not!
    I was on

  49. Anyone heard of Melvin Wellburg? Supposedly an IT Engineer living in Philadelphia but contracted to work in Nigeria weeks at a time. Widowed six years with a 7yr old daughter, age 46 yesterday was his birthday. Can find nothing on him. Have been corresponding thru eharmony about 2 weeks. Cannot return phone call from number left on my cell but he answers texts. Sounds fishy

  50. It’s a classic part of the scam for men to say they are widowers with one child. They often claim to be “petroleum engineers” or engineers, or something similar or self-employed.

    Manipulation is also a hallmark of their interaction with their targets. First they lavish loving praise on you and then, if you don’t send the money, you’re frozen out and it’s human nature to want to feel that love and appreciation and closeness again. They’ll be harsh and demanding and accuse you of being cruel and horrible – anything to get that money. Remember- they are skilled at this – and you’re not. This is what they do for a living.

    Say ‘no’ and don’t feel bad. If someone really loved you, first they wouldn’t demand money from you, and even if they asked, they would understand and be supportive if you felt uncomfortable sending it to someone you had not set eyes on in a foreign country by, of all things, Western Union, Money Gram or wire transfer. After all, anyone who really loved you would want to know that you’re being careful and protecting yourself in general. That would make them happy.

    Also, never give out real information. You can get a disposable phone number at (not vNumber, but which is great. Remember, phone numbers can give scammers and others your full home or work address in seconds.

    Make up a similar name but don’t use yours – especially your last name, don’t provide real birthdays (helps identity thieves) or other accurate information. If the person you are communicating with does turn out to be The One, you’ll both have a great laugh over it later and he or she will respect you for being proactive and careful as opposed to being upset with you for concealing your true information early on, at a time when The One could have been just anyone or a scammer or a potential stalker. The people who love you want what’s best for you. That is what love is about. They don’t manipulate, bully you or otherwise try to MAKE you do something.

    Everything I’ve seen above fits the patterns of these scammers. Keep in mind that they tend to cut and past other people’s profiles into their own, so you can try to take a line from a profile or e-mail and Google it – When you do this, put the phrase in DOUBLE QUOTES to get an exact search. For example, put the following in Google with the quotes:

    “touching fingertips, smelling your neck”

    I know – ick – but Google will show 221 hits for it. It pulls up a profile from a guy posing as a doctor on and the identical profile for a lot of other people on a lot of other dating sites, both male and female.

    Try it with the bad poetry they send you too.

    Best of luck, and be please careful.

    • I went to the Eharmony site yesterday and filled out the compatability profile, because I was curious. Got 5 matches, this morning, all 3 – 10 years older than me and nowhere near where I live – all without photos. Decided to check a few boards. On a tip, went to their website and tried to send an e-mail to CS. The link is broken.

      I tried that phrase you suggested just now. Hits are up to 231. I have now decided to go back to meeting men the old-fashioned way. At least I know they will not be from Nigeria and trying to get me to wire $. I also sent eHarmony an e-mail through their “Success Stories” link, inquiring about the status of Kelly’s lawsuit…

  51. One more note – for much more help on this subject along with information on specific scammers, go to
    and go to the fourm called “Love Scams.” It’s an eye opener.

    Also keep in mind that along with the free dating sites and paid sites like eHarmony and, these scammers are all over the religious dating sites, such as Christian dating sites. The idea is that people on these sites may let their guard down more than in another forum. In addition, scammers often emphasize how religious they are and you may see them use all capitals whenever writing the word GOD. For some reason that shows up a lot in Nigerian scam profiles and e-mails. They can use the fact that a person is a devout follower of their faith against them in attempting to force them to send money.

  52. i was on match .com and i am out $873.00 befor i saw this, page i have a photo of the guy that fool me i woild like to send it to you so you can put it on this page and others, how do i get my money back or do i? thank you nancy rakoz get back to me ok

  53. Instead of just complaining about EHarmony and the scammers, I did something about it and now there is a class action lawsuit against EHarmony for allowing fraudulent profiles, scammers etc.

    Contact the website link to add your name to the claim, this is a class action, and the more people who have had a bad experience with EHarmony regarding the lawsuit, we have the more EHarmony will have to do to correct the issues…..

  54. Kelly….I’m sure thanks are in order from many people out there that have been scammed from contacts on EHarmony. This should be the first of many ‘dating sites’ including

    What is the link?


    Here is the link to the Eharmony class action…Because EHarmony selects the matches before the user does, they have more obligation to be aware of who they are sending as matches. They have advertised so much about the 29 point system, which apparently is a bunch of B.S….also they allow users to post fraudulent profiles, which is basically internet fraud…

    The system is flawed and they are not concerned about how their own clients are getting fleeced using their site…Someone (me ) wants them to be responsible and socially aware of the pain and emotional suffering they are causing by being so secret about these profiles and scammers. The use of online dating services will be used well into the future and people must be protected from sites that dont protect their customers…consumer laws should apply to any company selling products and or services…..

  56. Thanks for the information. For the past week I’ve been corresponding with a scammer who found me on His name was Mark Thompson. His email on yahoo is He claimed to be working in W. Nigeria and was mugged along with his 12 year old daughter,Stephanie. He asked for help with the medical bills because they took all of his money. After I told him I wasn’t in a position to help and was surprised that he would ask for money when we haven’t even met, I never heard from him. Big surprise. The sick part is they play with your heart and emotions. He had such lovely things to say—I felt so stupid and used. His main thing was he couldn’t wait to see me in person. Adding to the urgency of his money request. It’s my first and last attempt at internet “dating”.

  57. I recently met this Dewey Wolfe. He says he’s from Houston Minnesota. He says he’s 52 and that he has a 24 year old son. He said his son made him join OKCUPID. I knew that there was something fishy. He also said he met the woman of his life, me. I told him he was moving too quickly and that I was not ready for a relationship at this point. He also said he used his friends ok cupid account because the IM on his did not work. Friend’s id CuteBen50. Then he stated he deleted his okcupid because he met me and that he wanted me to be his woman. Beware I have a feeling this is a big scam.

    • RR

      Dewey Wolfe is a total scam——don’t fall for any of it.
      Please read my post above
      He scammed a woman in Texas–involved thousands
      I know he is really smooth—-I actually spoke to him on the phone—this is no American from Minnesota–believe me!!

  58. RR

    He is relentless—-be careful……..he will try and try again
    I am 53 and a widow–told him that I may have lost my husband but not my mind——

  59. Hi,
    I am emailing with a woman I met on Match. She is (supposedly) working as a consultant in Nigeria helping farmers with casava crops. She had recently moved to Greenville, SC, close to where I live. Her name is Nancy Keller. She is coming home soon and says she wants me to pick her up at the airport. She sent me her flight information for KLM airline and she is supposed to arrive this Saturday (2 days from now). She has not asked for any money yet, but I am suspicious of her quick affection and Nigerian connection. Does anyone recognize the name or have heard of something similar?

    • Randolph, this is the same scam that i posted about on 3/27/09 above(with a little change in the details of the job, etc). “she” WILL ask for money. it is just a matter of time. do not fall for it. folks….the bottom line is, if it seems too good to be true it is. if you want to screw with “her” do it. but do not send money and do not get wrappd up in the charade. when “she” asks for a money order you could pretend to do it and let them sweat it out and waste their time for a change.

  60. Beware of a match.comer Mark Thompson. His email on yahoo is He claims to be working in W. Nigeria and although he is 60+, has a 12 year old daughter, Stephanie. Fortunately I found this site when I first started emailing him, and now am just leading him along in the same fashion he THINKS he is with me. What a scum.

  61. Guys, I have a new one with the same 20 airport road address but it is now a 26yo woman named Julie Sedgeberg. I know it was a scam from the beginning but kept going until I received a request for money which was for $200 (FOR FOODSTUFFS). Who talks like this? She claims to be in school studying Zoology. When I asked about it she changed the subject and would profess her love for me. It actually took about 15 emails for the monetary request. Thanks for helping find her out beyond a shadow of a doubt. If any one needs more info or pics of her post a comment and I will send it to you.

    • wow i feel so stupid cuz ive been talking to her and she just asked me for that 200 for food stuffs i almost sent it to her but i wanted to check her out through the net first to make sure it wasnt a scam… can u tell me more about her and send me some pics of her? email me at

    • I been speaking to the same girl, But she has her name as Jen Brown, But she sent me pic and the name under them would say Julie Sedgeberg..She said she needed money for food cause she’s in Africa for school, Her mom and dad died, She was tryin to scam me.. I just wanted to see naked pics of her.. SO i can say i got the better deal =) cause i knew it was a scam cause i would ask her question.. And she would just flip it on me… So i played her game… And i have plenty pics of her.. And the address she wanted the money sent too

      The Email she was using:

      Name: Julie Sedgeberg
      Address: 20a Craigt St

  62. im talking to daniel williams who says he from chicago, found the love of his life in his bed , yep u guessed it his best friend, so she moves to nigeria taking their son 10 yr old son alex, he says he has been to court n won his son back because he was been mistreated,. he rings me from a no number phone, asked me for his support on getting his son back, because he could not pay all the fare. and would i send £600 through {western union} to his travel agent mr adeyemo adekunle.o address 14 ondo st bodij city ibadan, im playing along with him we have only just started talking about 5 instant messages. he soon got to the point. he,s already said he loves me,( well he wud he thinks he,s getting £600 from me} lol i found this site trying to check out ibaddan.. so thanks to you all iv no need to feel guilty, because i wasnt to sure, now im very sure he,s a scammer…. thanks again page….

  63. my roomate has been talking to a guy named Steven Moophy along with several other people involved with him. She fell madly in love with him after about 6 weeks of talking he had to go to Nigeria for business to purchase some parts for a construction company. He supposedly has money and will take care of her for the rest of her life but guess what..He couldnt come home because he needed BTA money to leave the country it was refundable but he had to show it to customs so she sent it western union well then dont you know he was robbed of eveything but his international cell phone, and a picture of her. A doctor called her one morning to advise that steve was in the hospital and needed treatment and that she would have to send money to have him treated or it wouldnt be possible to treat him. I begged her not to send the money and gave her the number to the red cross, as he claimed he was a citizen. The red cross told her straight out that this was a scam and got her in touch with the states department who told her no ameican citizen had a passport with that name on it and this once again was a scam. I asked her to get a letter from the Chief of Staff at the hospital, she got one very badly worded with a lot of things mis-spelled. It explained to her that Steve was “shot on the head”(not in the head) but the bullet passes threw and he is in a comma not coma and needs medical treatment. Three days later he is out of his coma and on the phone with her asking her to please pay the hospital. I asked to to get a copy of the doctors medical licence and get a police report. She was told she would get this information as soon as she sent the money. I told her to ask them to take her credit card as she insisted on sending the money under threat that they would just let him lay there and die if she did not. They said they could not take a credit card and the money once again had to be sent western union. The police report was not a standard police report but another poorly written email with the police dept now telling her she had to pay the hospital. She didnt and told them she didnt have the money, well miricale of miricales he got better but they wouldnt let him out of the hospital until he paid part of the bill, what hospital holds you for randsome? She ended up sending them an additonal 1700.00 for his release now he is out but cant leave because he needs 2000.00 BTA money again. Help Please!!!! I know this is a scam but I can not get thru to her. She has seen only one picture of him and I nearly forgot the kind doctor (Jacob) lends him his cell phone and lap top so he can keep in touch with her.

  64. … that’s crazy this stuff is still going on. I’m still on eHarmony and haven’t been matched with (or at least communicated with) a scammer since the only one I came across a few months back. I see what I believe are lots of fake profiles on… I just ignore them.


    Especially if you’ve never even met this person face to face. Even then. Heed caution. The scammers prey on your longing to be with someone. It’s really just wrong.

  65. Hi, I have just became a member 3 weeks ago on singlesnet and just recieved 20 photos and a sobing story about Julie Sedgeberg, I knew It was a scam. I recieve about 10 to 20 of these a week. Can these scammers just go away and try to find a real job. Thanks


  66. Well, I guess I’m not the only one who ran into Williams, curtiswilliams56@ He also found his wife in bed with another man. Has a 15 year old daughter and is now working in Nigeria. Asked for money and would pay me back when we met on his way back to Illinois. Sounds familar? His website is Lovebirdmaga2 You would think that should have been the first red flag.
    In case you are wondering, NO he didn’t get the money. I am concerned about the fact that he has my e-mail ,website ID, cell and landline number. Do you know what kind of damage he can do with that info?

    By the way, checked on the zip code, 23401, it is the hottest scam spot in Nigeria right now. Be carefull out-there. Hard way to learn.

  67. Anyone heard of a Kelvin Taylor from Berlin, Germany, now in Oklahoma. He said he was raised in an orphanage, in oil, or independent contractor and has 12 year old son. He told me he was thinking of me taking his son while he was on oil site in England and Nigeria, but son wanted to go wit him. Speaks “kindly” yet, feels really “positive” about he and I and the future! White, beard, glasses, seems kind. Hmmmm. Also, just FYI, on tangowire, a retired highway patrol, from Kansas City or Nearby Kansas, has done rodeo although African American, teaches younger patrol guys about harrassment, came over for dinner after I did background check which seemed to fit, sexually harrassed ME.

    • Kelvin got my profile from a co-workers friends list and emailed me. Same story, He moved here from Berlin, Germany 4 yrs ago after his wife was killed in a tragic accident, has a 12 yr old son, who by the way is only in the 4th grade, he is an independent contractor, received a contract in Nigeria, and had to go. Told me how God had brought us together, and he would be glad when we were married. This all before I had met him, all things being said, about a week after he “left”, he emailed me and told me that he was going to go to the gold mines there. About a week later he emailed me and asked me to send him $52,000. I laughed, told him that I was not lonely, gullible, or stupid. He said he was glad God gave us this trial because now he sees that I am not a true christian woman. It was then that I informed him that my degree is in church leadership with a certificate in ministry. I also told him that God gives each of us gifts, and mine is the gift of discernment, and that I could see through him from the biggining

      • Kelvin, is a scammer, i have been talking to him since in march. he was suppose to live in kentucky. he even had a kentucky phone number. we talked for hours on the phone then one day,he said he had to go to nigeria for business and will return in 2 weeks, kelvin has never return he calls me and emailed. me stating he was at the airport and even sent me confirmation for him and his daughter to be home on Oct. 27. for me to pick him and his daughter. a few hours past he calls me stating he is at the airport and they will not let him leave unless he has 1250$ for over staying in nigeria. So fars i know he is still waiting on the money….. i call american emabasy in nigeria.. and they stated that not to send noone money over there…. Kelvin Coastil is the name he was using.. i think he has changed it again… anyway,, be careful…. i got hurt because we have been talking nite and day on the phone and internet.. Kelvin acts that he is very catholic, he shares his dreams and music with you… very romantic and sincere…. LOL i fell for it head over hills…… Never sent him money……

    • Yes, have been talking to a Kelvin Taylor who is from Germany, but now in Oklahoma City. He says he is an independent contractor, building a road and a bridge in Nigeria and has his 12 year old son, Eric with him. You have described exatly his picture that he has posted on Facebook and also on IM. He is a very smooth talker, with lots of sweet words and endearments. He asked me to marry him…we have been talking since end of August. Left for Nigeria early in September…Cant believe he is not real, he seems so sincere when we talk on the phone and when we talk via IM….i really hate these scammers!!!!!

  68. Hi, has anyone heard of Aliero Derin,she is in Nigeria with her grandma apparently. I have googled her and all the photos she sends are of her. Im just curious like the rest of us.

  69. I’m pretty sure i have been scamed! But now i need to know if anyone has talked to a MARIAM RODRIGUEZ from scotland? Her profile sates 24yer old from seattle wash. After talking to her she is from scotland and 27yrs old. Yet on she was 19 yrs old. Has family in nigeria but shes from scotland? With a nigerian phone number?Wants to get married,loves me,is coming to the us to live with me,only one problem,she needs $2000.00 for the bta which i found out there is no such thing. (basic travel allowance) She will be here wensday if i send the two thousand to her aunt in ,,,yes nigeria. The bta is really $3000.00 her aunt is making up the rest for her to come.So i have been scamed! Can remenber her screen name…was ifulike than a number. So anyone out there been talking to this person get back with me,we need a plan, she is unaware that i found out yet! Let me now email me at

  70. Has anyone heard of Richard Torres from Glasgow Scotland? Has son Greg in Spain with sister. Found Wife in Bed with best friend? Has not asked me for money yet. Won’t give straight answers to my questions.

  71. I’m so thankful I read all these stories. I almost got scammed today. I met this guy on OK!Cupid, Anthony Fernandes Emmanuel, a 44 year old widower with a 6 year old daughter based in New York. He’s like the answer to all my prayers, the perfect man, almost too good to be true. He claimed to be an engineer who’s drilling oil in the Bakassi Peninsula. In 3 weeks time, he already professed his love and is planning to marry me next month. He’s coming to my country by next week, I got a confirmation from the British airways with his arrival date and time. And he was bringing his daughter to meet me, everything was almost like a fairy until he dropped the bombshell. His oil pumping machine broke down and he was short on budget. He needed 1,800 pounds more in order to get a new machine. If it doesn’t work out, all his life savings and dream will go down the drain. He asked if I could wire him the money and he will pay me right away. He even offered to pay for the renovation of my house. I started getting warning bells when I discovered that 2 of his emails were copied from a lovepoem website. When i confronted him about it, he claimed that he contributes to the website because he writes well and he has been writing as a therapy since his wife died of childbirth 6 years ago. I was ready to send him the money but I felt very uncomfortable about it, so I decided to browse about the subject. And I came upon this site. I was surprised at the similarities I read on the stories posted here. I’ve been trying to call him since then, but he no longer answers his phone. He gave me a london number. I just hope he suddenly develops a conscience and stop preying on hapless women.

  72. Just to let everyone to beware of this person Anthony Fernandes Emmanuel. He is a notorious scammer. He introduces himself to me, hails from Bronx New york with a daughter name Marina. Too late to find out that he is one of those hundreds of scammers scattered around the world. He will make you believe that his daughter suffered a lot from his ex-wife. He pretended to be an Engineer engaged in oil drilling in Africa. Later on, once you are really hooked to him. He will cook up a story about his oil drilling business in Africa and send you a cheque by email to let you believe of what he said. Right he inform he is running out or not enough sufficient fund coz he can not encash the cheque in Africa. I believed in him and through my own stupidity a lent him an amount coz he makes me believe that he loves me so much. I learned my lesson that’s why i want to pass it to everyone not to trust this person if ever someone will encounter him through online dating. Pls. don’t ever trust this notorious scammer.

  73. Here we go again…Micheal Townsend of ou West Palm Florida.. has a 16yr old daughter schooling in the UK. Hes in Ireland on a job..Civil Engineer he is. didnt take long when his daughter was in a car accident with her mate. In a coma. He needed money for a tic to the UK. He was waiting on his boss to pay him. I gave it. Then of course the doctors bill cam…5,ooo. I told him i didnt have that he asked for 300 for foodstuff. haa…i did it again…3rd time was not a charm for him…told him no i didnt have anymore money…told me i was not a caring person and didnt love him or his daughter. Beware everyone for this man….he is good at what he does.

  74. ladies and men..plzzz dont be taken by these ppl.. yes it happens once and dont let it heppen again…they all take advantage of us..dont let them..follow your one can love you in hours…trust me…be strong…

  75. I am Nigerian Citizen and felt so disgraced reading lots of comment about scammed from W Africa..Well,i wanna everybody to believe that not everyone in Nigerians were into scam..Lots of others countries that is into scamming as well.What i can say is that Internet is not safe to date now a days cus of lots of dreadful person on lines…With due respect i repeat that not every Nigerian citizen were into scam ,its every where,in Germany,UK,US and some others country that i can not listed. We just have to be cautioned and not get into their hands…I can be here helpful if their is anyone scammed from Nigerian..Just give me their email address and the the name given to send money to them with their phone numbers..I will track them here and make sure they r handled to the cops..


  76. are you for real? if so, i will be more than happy to give you the information you are asking for. Just want to be sure before doing this. Waiting for a reply

  77. @Cathy…..Sure,I am for real,i am doing this to save the name of my Country and to eradicate the scam coming from Nigeria,i know it will be hard to do all this alone,that is why i am doing this with the help of some people and also have back up from the Nigerian Cop…Please go ahead and give me the Scam given name to send money,Their phone number,email address.

    My best regards to Dube for giving a chance to discuss on here and flush out scam on our internet. Thank you

  78. Thank you for your reply and i hope that you are able to stop these persons from continuing these scams. His name is Kelvin Taylor, phone number is: 234-8062924962, email address is:, using Anaya Azuka as his pickup information. Another name to check on is Bob Darry, email, Fedrick James is the pickup name…….i do not have his phone number, as i have deleted, but will do some searching and see if i can find it for you. Thank you so much for help in this matter…

  79. @Cathy,,I got the information Cathy and immediately i tried the number but said not reachable. I have to tell you this..Kelvin Taylor was the scam name using by this person to contact people but his real name will be Anaya Azuka the pick up information. Same goes to Bob Darry..He is Fedrick James..I have encounter some issue like this and i get to realized that these people were using different names but the pick up name was their real name.They r just hiding their identity and pretending to be a white man while they were black man..Well,got to go now and i will get back to you if i have information for you..

  80. the number is still good, as i have been contacted by another lady who is still talking to him. I asked her last night, if he is still talking to her and she said yes….this kelvin taylor man, speaks with a german accent.

  81. Yeah,Cathy,the number were real but i wanna you to know that it was originated from West Africa Nigerian,Nigeria code is +234…So get note of that babe..I am still gonna make sure i do to track him down when i get in contact on phone with him..Just pray to be
    Did you have email that i can contact you Cathy?
    I have gave out the information you gave me to the local police station around me and investigation is begin.
    Take care…….

  82. i do not feel comfortable in giving out my email address, sorry. I know that the code for nigeria is 234…kelvin taylor contacted me yesterday afternoon…we talked for just a few minutes only. did not say anything about this to him…..have a good day

  83. Deji.
    Kelvin has contacted me again, since August 9th…..any sort of progress on finding him and having the legal system take care of this scammer? Also heard from Bob Darry too, he wanted me to help him again, told him no and doubt he will be contacting me again.

  84. @Cathy,You must be aware of them and do not send them any money..I am sorry that i have been away for a while on here,please accept my apology…
    Firstly stop talking to this crap if you cant carry them along with their lies and made them believe that you dont know they r into scam.
    Im trying to fish them out with the help of the local police station around me here..just hang on Cathy….take ware of them ok?
    You can get back to me on dont care giving out my email cus i believe no one can dare mess with me….EVERYBODY BEWARE OF THE CON OVER INTERNET..DO NOT SEND MONEY TO ANY WHITE MEN OR WOMEN IN NIGERIA FOR ANY REASON..ANY WHITES IN NIGERIA FOR A PURPOSE SOUND SCAMS.BE WARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….

  85. There is a scammer on eharmony by the name of Alex Brown Johnson claims he’s from Pheonix Arizona. Claims to have resigned from Toyota last year and starting his own automobile supply buisness or he may claim to be a contractor. Claims to have live in Jo’burgh, Frankfurt and college in the UK. Claims he has a 6 year old son living in seattle with his mother. His email is

  86. His name is Kelly Benjamin – email:, SCAM SCAM SCAM! His phone number in Arlington Heights, IL which he states is a cell phone, but is actually a landline is 2247640348. His phone number in London which AT&T states is blocked by the US Gov’t from calling card usage is 447035916634. He claims he is a Petroleum Engineer working on an oil rig in Scotland for Chevron. He has sent me a copy of his $5,000,000 dollar contract he was just awarded with Chevron. His parents abandoned him in Azores, Spain when he was 3 years old and he grew up in boarding school in Spain. His hero grandmother died three years ago and his last girlfriend all of a sudden got liver cancer and died two years ago. He sent me a bogus British Airways ticket in order for me to pick him up. He was very very religious, quoting scripture at the same time telling me his fantasy dreams of us. I knew there was something fishy about him when I asked about facts of his life and he never did answer, only commenting about my facts. He was soooo in love, over email and phone, never meeting. He was supposed to come back to Illinois this weekend when I busted him on his airline ticket and told him that if he didn’t stop communcation with me I would turn him into Law Enforcement Officials. He stopped and told me how he regretted every speaking with me. I bet he did. Good thing! Scam closed his eHarmony account right after we went to exchanging emails. Vanished! Sent photos and everything….SCAM! Be aware of this one.

    • hi i have been being victomized by this one for the last 13 months……..first it was how he was suck in Nigeria and then after sending him money to quote come home….he was set up and has been in jail ect… Maylaysia….what I don’t quite understand is he always calls from numbers with the country codes of where he is suppose to be at that time……but like you I got all the pics….everyone said they were staged and those documents were photo shopped……this one does need to be stopped for sure…….he showed up on ok cupid and on tagged I got a Harry something his letter of introduction once he had my e mail was almost identical……so I asked him if he maybe knew Kelly since they were in the same field perhaps they bid for the same jobs and since they both contract with exon mobile surely they had crossed paths……he wont answer me now guess he’s not interested……..too bad I cant get ahold of the other one. He will call though…….losers!!!!!!

  87. I’ve got to say, it’s been REALLY enlightening reading all the comments on here! I haven’t posted a blog update in years, but I just put up a new one in case anyone is interested. I’m also debating about revamping my website, combining my blog with my site, etc. What do you use nowadays for “blogging” purposes?

  88. Has anyone heard from a Steven Williams? He states that he works in Real Estate in Albany New York. He has an 8 year old daughter that resides with his mother in London because his wife died in a car accident 2 years ago. His story is that he had to travel to Malaysia to retrieve an inheritance he had been waiting on as a result of his father’s death. (401k) Once in Malaysia he called me constantly to provide status updates. Ultimately he forwarded me his flight itinerary because he was going to fly back to meet me because he was so in love with me. (yeah right) Anyway, the next morning I get a call from him and yes, he needs money. The lawyers will not release the check until their fee is paid. He states he spent all he had getting there and purchasing the return ticket. He said he had thought the lawyers fees would be deducted from the check or that he would be able to cash the check in Malaysia and wire the funds into his account in the US. According to him, none of those options were available to him. This one, even went so far as to have someone call me early on (3 Weeks into our conversations) pretending to be his mother. She wanted to make sure that I was sincere about my feelings for her son and not just after him for his money. She then said that she gave us her blessings and started calling me her daughter. Stevens email address is He says that he was born in Albany New York but has an accent because he was raised in Holland. His accent however sounds liberian or nigerian to me. This man seems to have others working with him as he has given me the number for the person playing his mom and for the alledged lawyer. He has provided me with an address that he states he lives at in New York. I think he may be using someone else’s identity. The name and address he provided checks out but the pictures that show up for the real estate broker is that of a different person.
    He gave me the name and address of the hotel he is reportedly staying at so that I could wire him some money. I looked up the hotel address he provided and it does not match the name of the hotel that he gave me. I have sent no money but initially was tempted to try to help.

  89. Good day! This is kind of off topic but I need some advice
    from an established blog. Is it hard to set up your own
    blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking about setting up my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Many thanks

  90. Beware of a man named Chris Murphy, scammer, has a son Jerry Murphy, mother lives in Philly. Work on the oil rig in Doha. Has a driver named Tobi, Tobi is Chris, Jerry Murphy. Speaks about a company named Chan. I trust to much.

  91. Hello All… Nice to have found you here.. My experience was from working from Scotland – pilot on private hire SIMON PEKAR – original from Chech Republic – came for an interview for a pilot rescue and fire interview – had to get out of eharmony – had to go back the same evening after getting the job – will come back in two weeks – loves me and cherishes the woman I am . goes to visit his parents in Chech Republic – and son – and dad needs a valve replacement and bypass – a friend helps him – to have surgery performed by private clinic – stretches himself thin to pay for the expenses of the house he builds his parents he owes his career – back in Scotland – the benefit check is not issues in time – the car is kept by the friend who lend him money for his dad- he running like crazy to find the money – and pay the agent who booked his flight (2500 sterling pounds) and is holding his passport until he gives him the balance… I stopped him in time – SAYING – if you want me to send you money – i will not – I will buy you the ticket from here to help you – if indeed you are who you trying showing me for the past two weeks – NO WAY – had all the excuses not to accept help in me sending him the ticket – I did believe him – without any money sent to that person who wholds his passeport..
    Wanted me to money gram to the travel agent office in Dubai – then gave me his address – A sandwich place in Edinburgh…
    . Why do we believe all people are honest and good inteded ? this was my lesson –
    He ended this morning – that he will not give up on us – and I shall see him on the week-end at the airport…. My foot…
    Take care ladies- beware of this new story

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