Lost: I See Dead People!

Another incredible episode!! As always, don’t read on if you haven’t seen the latest Lost epi. Spoilers below!


Amazing! Just amazing! Where do I even begin?

Well, we finally know what started Jack’s downfall and his addiction to painkillers. If I saw a dead person, I’d react the same way! Creepy!


Question: Are the hallucinations just that, hallucinations caused by an illness from the island? Or are the hallucinations actual visits from some entity (such as Smoky)?

Since Miles can communicate with dead people, of course he could see Shepherd with Claire. It’s a clue that they are actual entities.

Question 2: Are these “entities” different aspects of one entity (such as Smoky)? Or are they separate entities (i.e. ghosts)?

Question 3: In my last Lost post, we talked about the possibility that Smoky is made of nanites. If that’s the case, could the “ghosts” be made of nanites also? I’m leaning against this one, since Losties see them in the real world too. How would the nanites get there?

Which brings me to a big question:

Could any of our Losties actually be one of the entities and not a real person? I bet so! But who?

Jack and Kate

So, they do end up together! I can’t say that I’m too surprised. Their relationship does teach us one important lesson: never ever lie. The moment you start hiding something is the moment the relationship is over! And being as Jack is a doctor, the relationship was bound to end in a huge fireball of emotional debris anyway.

Both are equally to blame for the demise. Jack is to blame for hiding his hallucinations and turning to alcohol and narcotics rather than Kate. (Typical doctor, self-prescribing and thinking he knows best!) Kate, however, shares equal blame. She should not be hiding anything from Jack. She should have been honest with him from the beginning and Jack would not have gotten so upset. By hiding it, she was throwing red flags everywhere.

Have you ever gotten the “just trust me” speech from a loved one? It reeks. And it’s a total cop-out from the person saying it. Just be honest!

By the way, Girl from the Ghetto’s blog has INCREDIBLE information about what Kate was doing for Sawyer and why. I totally missed it! Check out what she wrote here.



Wow!!! Now we know why Claire didn’t get off the island. But what exactly happened with her and the Shepherd ghost? Does this mean Jacob views Claire as one of the “good” people and took her? But if that’s the case, why not take Aaron too?

I love how Sawyer is so protective of Claire. It’s sweet and it’s far more “noble” than what he had with Kate. Now we know why Sawyer didn’t leave the island. He couldn’t abandon Claire, knowing she was somewhere on the island. What a guy!

So… What do you think happened to Claire? 

I See Dead People!

Who was that guy in the preview? I think he’s Radzinski, the guy that Desmond’s hatch partner, Kelvin, killed. He’s wearing the same jumpsuit that Desmond wore and he’s been dead for 12 years, which fits the timeline.

He’s been dead! How wild is that? I hope this means we’ll see Danielle again (but not Nikki or Paulo *shudder*). This probably means that Richard Alpert, the guy who never ages, is also dead. In fact, all the “natives” that the Dharma people defended themselves against (when Ben was a boy) are probably also dead.

It’s so fascinating. I can’t wait until next week! If you have ideas on any of this, please let me know!



7 responses to “Lost: I See Dead People!

  1. the guy from the preview was the guy from the Dharma Initiative in Ben’s flashback last season. He’s the one that convinced Ben’s dad to bring him to the island. I think he was the one that saved Ben’s dad in the beginning when his mom gave birth to him. Remember him?

    Another AWESOME episode!

  2. I want to know what happens to Claire too! That is at this point the biggest mystery to me — all the rest is mind candy.

    This was a great episode. That was an interesting theory on what Kate was doing for Sawyer – will be interesting to see if that is the case.

    I still want to know who is in the freakin coffin….!

  3. OOOh, I think it is Radzinski now that you mention it. Good post Steph!!! I’m going with my original idea about LOST. My friend and former co-worker has worked under JJ Abrams. He was told that the show is purgatory. I believe it. I think they are trying to trick us all, and that is what it will end up being. But, I am just a girl from the ghetto, so what do I know? LOL!

  4. I don’t think that Claire survived the house explosion. Many, if not all, of the survivors seem to be able to see dead people. When Sawyer brought her into Ben’s house, someone asked if she was alright. After she said yes, Miles responded with “I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” He is a ghost buster who communicates w/the dead, and think about the way he was strangely eyeballing her in this week’s episode (as well as being nonchalant when she left with also-dead Christian Shephard). I think that Claire and Christian left Aaron for Sawyer to find (and eventually give to Kate), and they went to Jacob’s cabin together. Her dad came to escort her to the ‘other side.’

    Of course I can’t explain how or why Sawyer was able to see and talk with her if she was dead, but on that island, it seems that most of the survivors have and can.

  5. Steph your commentary on doctors was interesting to me 🙂

    it was an awesome episode….

    I do think Claire is dead…

  6. Adam – I didn’t make that catch! Good call.

    Reba – Well, we got some hints on Claire tonight, didn’t we? Wow!

    Ghetto – I was wrong about Radz, oh well! Sooooo interesting about what your friend said about purgatory. Hmm… wonder if it’s true?

    J – GREAT theory! I talked about it in my latest post too. I think you hit the nail on the head.

    Kelly – LOLOL. I’m glad you enjoyed my commentary. It’s all true… 😛

  7. Ooh this was an amazing episode – one of my favourites of this new season. I have written about it – just some thoughts and observations. I think the ‘hallucinations’ are not simply hallucinations but something much more sinister and island-related. I just wish I knew what! It is not surprise that Jack and Kate finally manage to get it together (and it is also not a surprise that they don’t manage to stay that way) although I am still interested to see what happens post-the initial flash forward “We have to go back”!. This first flash forward still seems to be the latest event on the Lost timeline (ie furthest in the future) and it opens the way up for a whole new storyline where they try to go back, perhaps? All very exciting!!!!!

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