Umm… Wow. Just wow.

That’s really all I can say about tonight’s Lost! (Don’t read on if you don’t want spoilers).



This episode was exactly why I love Lost. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. So many things solved, but really only one I want to talk about…


Smoky is AWESOME! We now know good ol’ Smoky definitely *is* a security system, though I’d dare say he is a system that’s gotten a bit out of control. At least now one big mystery is solved: which people are in Ben’s favorite five.

(Terrible graphic courtesy of: MSPaint. If you’d like to see better graphics, please donate to the Dube’s World Photoshop fund, now accepting PayPal…) 😛

I have lots of questions about this episode and so much left to process. But I just have one question for my visitors:

* What do you think Smoky is made of? How do you think Smoky works?

I’m still leaning towards nanites. How about you? 


16 responses to “Umm… Wow. Just wow.

  1. nanobots for sure. In the first season (or was it in season 2’s first episodes) when Smokey was rampaging around we could distinctly here mechanical sounds. And in this episode we could see electro magnetic discharges as it snaked over the hedge.

    It was by far one of the most insane Lost episodes to date. I’m to excited to even contemplate sleep right now. I’m such a geek.

  2. Hey GhettoGirl – thanks for the compliment. 🙂

    Great pic Adam! Ya, Smoky is definitely my hero. 😛 Dave – great explanation for why it might be nanobots. It would make sense with the mechanical sounds.

    Cinema – It was a toss-up between Sayid and Michael. I’m betting he rotates them from time to time. 😛

  3. That really was an action packed episode.

    I definitely think that Sayid is getting duped by Ben (big shock).

    Ben letting his daughter get killed was a big surprise.

    As far as nanobots, I’d say thats plausible… but then again when has plausability ever determined anything on this show. It doesn’t explain why people like Mr.Echo saw visions in them, and we still have so many other inexplicable phenomena that grounding one in fact raises more questions about why people have visions of the dead, the recently unmentioned number sequence, the longevity of the islands inhabitants.. and that’s just a start.

    So I agree… nanobots(albeit and advanced form that cannot currently exist).. but I disagree, because… hey, it’s Lost.

  4. Wow, I am so going to have to watch this one again. Smoky rocks! And Ben and Widmore’s nighttime conversations! And Sayid the widower! And Alex dead! And the doc dead but not dead! Great show to come back from the break with.

  5. As someone who prides himself in his abilities in MSPaint… I can honestly say your drawing only furthers the stereotype that MSPaint is not a legitimate art program. I am offended by your image as an artist.

    Just kidding. You should have copied the people pictures in first, drew circles around them and either filled in the edges with the Fill Tool or erased outside the circles…. Then you could have copy pasted their circles over the larger image of the phone. 🙂

  6. Smokey is a mystery way beyond me. This episode was so amazing that Lost is not just the best show on TV now, but of all time. Mysteries solved, yet new questions came up. And now Penelope’s life in peril. And did Ben teleport? Can’t wait for Thursday again.

  7. What if we take the track that Smokey is another Dharma experiment? We know they were experimenting with biology,psychology, and electro magnetism- why not nanotechnology? I think it’s plausible that Smokey could be nanotech although I am not sold on the security aspect – it looks more like weapons-tech to me. The fact that it goes after specific people (based on Ben’s direction) makes sense (he seemed pretty confident he’s be safe from it) although why would it eat poor Greg Grunberg in the first episode? I guess that’s what I love about this show, the more it answers, the more questions you have. 🙂

  8. I actually heard a semi pass by on the highway today when I was parked at a fast food place and getting out of my car. It had that “Thump thump thump” noise just like Smokey, and I actually felt my heart race a little at the sound before i realized what it was! 🙂

    The room within a room is undoubtedly Ben’s “Magic Box” where he was able to retrieve/summon Locke’s dad. What else is in there, besides Smokey’s personal cell phone system, is unknown. It obviously can’t just pop Ben over to Jacob’s cabin or he wouldn’t need Hurley. And it probably can’t teleport them anywhere on or around the island at all or it would’ve been used to take the women and those on the “List” from the camp instead of using armed invaders. Probably can’t teleport to the Hydra either. Whether it’s designed to teleport through time is unknown, but I’m thinking the EM pulse given off by the implosion of the Hatch may have scrambled its circuits a bit, which would explain why Ben was confused as to exactly “when” he arrived in Tunisia. He may have even picked up Locke’s dad from somewhere in the past or future…

  9. It was AWESOME!!!! I knew Ben’s daughter was toast…. smokey was totally unexpected and weird…. and as far as Sayid —totally not suprised Ben manipulated him.

  10. Jason – Good point about how the “plausible” ideas usually don’t happen on Lost. They might have something completely different in mind for Smoky!

    Lark – I need to rewatch it too!

    Kraze – That’s a pretty cool idea, and it fits with what we saw in tonight’s episode doesn’t it?

    Kevin – LOL! Ya, I’m not nearly as talented at MSPaint as you are!

    Icono – GREAT idea about Smoky being an experiment of some sort, or a weapon. Maybe that’s what the dead people are too. Hmm…

    Barry – that’s so funny about hearing “the monster.” LOL! I would’ve reacted the same way. And good call on Ben’s “magic box.” Definitely had to be the same thing.

    Michael – I’ll definitely have to check that out! Thanks for the tip!

    Kelly – Ya, Ben can somehow manipulate everyone, even cool people like Sayid. Craziness!

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