I’ve Been Spammed!

Just a note to my fellow WordPress bloggers… Right now, every comment I make on WP blogs is automatically identified as spam. This is because, once upon a time, I made the unfortunate decision of deleting one of my *own* comments on my blog. Apparently this triggered some spam meltdown on my name and website.

Just to say… Keep a lookout in your spam folder for comments from me. πŸ™‚

And any comments about Dube’s World being rightly spammed will be immediately deleted. πŸ˜›


10 responses to “I’ve Been Spammed!

  1. that’s so funny, you were in my spam bucket last week but luckily I fished you out! – Getting excited for new LOST shenanigans!

  2. I think identifying your comments as NOT-SPAM for the last month convinced my installation to stop blocking you. We should ask for a “whitelist” of accepted IPs and e-mail addresses.

  3. The good news is after de-spamming one comment from you, my WordPress blog knows you are not spammy any longer and puts your comments where they rightly blong! Yay!

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