I Can Haz Cult?

I received a lot of hate mail after my recent blog post, “Top Ten Websites That Should be Destroyed.” Interestingly, most of the hate was pointed at one topic: my dislike for LOLcats.

“You cretin! Get off the sidelines of life and start living!”

“You hate cute cats? What is wrong with you?”

And so on and so on… It seems that ICanHasCheezburger is becoming a cult of sorts. Some of the telltale signs of cults are: 1.) Extreme dislike of different opinions; 2.) Mind-altering practices or chants (LOLspeak?); 3.) Polarized us-versus-them mentality; 4.) Preoccupation with getting new members (hmmm); 5.) Strange taste in old-fashioned clothes; and 6.) Identical glazed-over “Stepford wife”-like expressions.

Well, 5 out of 6 isn’t so shabby. But whether or not the website is a cult, my mother is now a huge fan. Yep, you read correctly. When Mom read my blog, she immediately clicked on “ICanHasCheezburger.” Now it lives on her favorites list.

I’ve also been told to apologize for insulting such an adorable website. 😛

So, whether or not the site is a cult, my mother is now a huge fan. With my own family turning against my blog post, I decided to give ICanHasCheezburger another try. Or is it ICanHazCheeseburger? IKanHazCheezeburger? EyeKanHazCheesieboorger? How does anyone keep up? Well, whichever it is, I tried it again.

And I came across this… 

Humorous Pictures

Dang it! That one is just way too cute for words. And now I feel like some evil ogre who betrayed a tiny kitten’s trust with my blog post… *grumble*

Fine, you win LOLCats! Tiny kittens with sad eyes are serious WMDs. I can’t stand under that barrage.

I…must admit…that…

Yes, I now like LOLcats. They’re too darn cute to ignore. You win.



5 responses to “I Can Haz Cult?

  1. the cats are cute, but I agree with your initial post. The website itself it rediculous . Give me the cute pictures without the dumb words. I hope I don’t get hate mail now!

  2. I discovered that LOLcats are an acquired taste. It took me a bit of time to get the rhythm of why they were funny, but once you start catching on to the “culture,” and the recurring jokes and all that, they can occasionally be quite humorous. Worth bookmarking in Google Reader, anyway…

  3. While I agree that LOLcats are a cult, they’ve totally sucked me in and I laugh out loud at some of them. And, honestly, it’ the combination of words and pix, though I am a cat lover. If it were simply cute cat pix, I wouldn’t bother. Perhaps I’m just easily amused. but they’re frakkin’ funny. Sigh. Sign me up for the cult.

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