Dube’s World Goes International!

I’m so excited! My “Top Ten Most Annoying Lost Moments” post has attracted “world” attention. 🙂 First, it was posted onto a Spanish digg-like site here where you can also read comments about it in Spanish! Next, it was commented on in Hebrew on this blog. (I have no idea what it says, so if someone can read Hebrew, let me know!) 😉 And here it is, mentioned in an Italian blog, and here in Lithuanian.

Now the little post has been translated into Russian here! Anyone want to add Chinese or Japanese to the list? Feel free! 🙂 (Edited to add: My wish is granted! Here it is, linked in a Japanese Digg-like site!)


5 responses to “Dube’s World Goes International!

  1. Oh, Hi! I’m writing a recommendation blog in Hebrew (one post every day (hence the name “The Daily Dolly”), containing the web bests, focusing on the Hebrew web). I recommended your “Top 10 *most annoying Lost moments” post as a rehab aid for those who are having hard time dealing with the series’ break.

  2. I’m so waiting for LOST to come back on … I can’t take this break in between! Isn’t it great when your blog gets translated into another language?

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