Top 10 *most annoying* Lost moments

Lost is an awesome show. But every now & then I wonder just what the writers were thinking…

10. Nikki & Paulo


Yes, they were by far the two most annoying characters in television history. I’m glad to see them gone. But, with Patchy resurrecting all the time, Locke cured of paralysis, Rose cured of cancer, and Christian Shepherd sitting around in Jacob’s cabin… Might we see Nikki and Paulo again too? Say it isn’t so! I for one am hoping the immortality theory is not true.

9. Libby’s Death


Guess I’ll never know why she was stalking Hurley at the mental institution. Great way too create a really compelling mystery and then destroy it.

8. Eko’s “Smoky” Encounter

This left something to be desired. Sure, the morphing of Eko’s brother into Smoky was really cool and helped us realize many of the Losties’ hallucinations were actually Smoky appearances. But the next scenes where Smoky was tossing Eko around like a ragdoll were unfulfilling, to say the least. Sometimes Smoky looks and acts way too much like the water creature on “The Abyss” to be taken seriously.


7. Hurley’s Diet


Hurley wouldn’t be the same – or as much fun – if he were skinny. But Hurley really should be losing some weight on the island. He was sneaking Dharma food for awhile, but isn’t that long over?

6. Fake Smoky Appearance

Big goof. Lost viewers everywhere discovered that in the pilot episode, a “smoke monster” was seen hitting the airplane turbine shortly before it exploded. Much speculation ensued about this find. Sadly, the producers later confirmed it was a CGI effect left in the show in error. You can see it here:


5. Charlie: Death by Stupid


Charlie’s death was sad. But the saddest part was that it didn’t have to happen. He could have run to the other side of the door and shut it. There was plenty of time.

4. The Lost Experience


OK, a lot of people will disagree with me on this. Sure, The Lost Experience kept us entertained one summer. But the revelations ended up being very out of place. The solution it offered to Hurley’s numbers was unsatisfying and has never been mentioned on the actual show. Does anyone still believe that was really the answer?

3. Locke’s Bizarre Trust of Ben

Seriously Locke, grow a brain!

Best friends

Ben shot him and left him for dead in a mass grave. Ben admitted to gassing all those Dharma people and thus committing mass murder. He’s insane. Yet Locke continues to release him and actually believe him. Utter stupidity. Why does Locke insist on trusting liars?

2. Lack of Curiosity Killed the Cat

How many times have we yelled at our TV screens because Locke didn’t follow up on a mystery when he was with an “other” or Jack seemed to care more about Kate and Sawyer than the smoke monster that was killing people? There were plenty of times the Losties didn’t share vital information with one another or “forgot” to ask Danielle or an Other about a question that was bugging all of us.

Sure, Locke finally asked Ben what the smoke monster was. And Ben said he had no idea. But really Locke, of all the people you could ask, you choose Ben?

1. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllttttttttttttttttttttttt!

Ah yes, it was the fodder of forum humor everywhere: Michael and his ever-present Waaaaallllltttt scream.

Waaaaaalllllltttttt! haunted us in our dreams. Sadly, we saw it again before “Meet Kevin Johnson.” Think the love of Waaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllttttttttt is over? Just run a Google search on Waaaaaaaaaaaaaalt!! and you’ll see we’re all still talking about it:


Notice the third entry in the picture above. Apparently Waaaaaaaaaalt!!!! translates into any language. No wonder Walt doesn’t want to see Michael anymore.

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99 responses to “Top 10 *most annoying* Lost moments

  1. Dube – I know you’re going to think I’m a giant nerd, but I’ve been thinking about your post all afternoon. Honestly, I could not come up with anything else that has truly irked me about the show. You covered the bases, although I am more amused than annoyed by most of those things.
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Excellent post! I think you got the most annoying ones for sure! I “lmao” at that last one especially.

    (ahhhh! stop the madness!)


  3. I agree with everything except for #3, they’ve clearly developed Locke’s character to be one who easily misreads people. He genuinely is quite naive and keeps thinking the best of everyone, he gets played often as a result – his father managed to scam him on two different occasions (kidney, airport runaway scene). For the Lost Experience and the lack of cohesion between the show and the game, it has to do with them wanting people to buy the products. For example, the Matrix’s game Enter the Matrix had scenes that completed the movie – without having played the game, you would not fully understand everything that happened. They want people to buy the video game (Lost via Domus) and possibly some books they’ll eventually release explaining everything in minute details.

  4. I too disagree with #3. Locke’s ceaseless gullibility is a character trait. You may not like it, but you really can’t complain about a character foible that has been consistently portrayed. You’d may as well ask why he kept coming back to his asshole father. It’s just how his character is.

    I also disagree that Charlie’s death was “stupid.” Charlie believed, due to Desmond’s vision, that in order for Claire to be rescued, he would have to die. Desmond’s vision didn’t say “you push a button then Claire gets on a helicopter,” it said “you push a button, then you die, then Claire gets on a helicopter.” He believed that in order for “Claire gets on a helicopter” to happen, he had to fulfill not only “push a button” but also “die.” Foolish? Maybe. But that’s how faith looks sometimes.

  5. 9. The Lost creators have said repeatedly that Libby’s story will be explained. They aren’t idiots – they knew that killing her would leave people wondering about her past. That was the whole point.

    5. As “Big Jesus” said above, Charlie sacrificed himself to get Claire off the island. He COULD have went out and shut the door from the other side. But instead, he chose to believe in Desmond’s vision.

    4. I agree with you here; the Lost Experience wasn’t really well executed.

  6. Well, I can agree with Libby’s death or the Smoke-Eko rendezvous, but I just CAN’T agree with Charlie’s death. It was suggested – via the final scene when he was floating in water and making the sign of cross – that Charlie was a man of faith, he was a believer, and that he believed that Desmond’s visions were 100% true. If Desmond’s vision said that Charlie’s gotta’ die, he thought that he HAS to die. He believed that it’s either sacrificing his life or Claire is stuck there and there’s no escape for any of them…

    How ironic, when You’d think about the recent Kate-Aaron episodes – perhaps it was Charlie’s actions that will lead to Claire’s demise (I think that she’s gonna’ die, she wouldn’t give up Aaron just like that).

    Secondly, I truly think that there’s something more to Charlie’s death – my friend, who’s very interested in all the geeky side of LOST (mathematics, physics, nanobot-monster theories etc.) said that it’s a matter of decompression – if enough water would go in, he would be unable to lock the door from the other side, and the pool behind Desmond would suddenly destabilise and just *poof* water would be pouring like crazy from both sides.

  7. I found Jin’s flashforward that was really a flashback, very annoying.
    What’s next? A flashback within a flashforward? A flashback that turns out to be a flashback of another flashback? I can hardly wait!

    More fun Lost stuff at

  8. to Television Spy
    i am sorry but nobody is that naive. I too was thinking that Lock might know what he is doing, but after reading this, i am pretty sure, just like Ben said to Locke, that he has no idea what he’s doing. I mean really mass murder, constant lies and still he is alive and he is walking free with the survivors the last time we saw him, that’s just not right and it couldn’t happen

  9. I have to disagree with #5 since Charlie, even though he could have saved himself, basically committed suicide. This is because the Scottie tells him that he HAS to die so that Claire might leave the island. So Charlie basically sacrificed himself to “save” the love of his life (sniff sniff).

  10. Fun read,

    But #4 “Charlie: Death by Stupid”

    He died because he thought that if he did die the rest of them would be rescued. And if he didn’t die he would have changed that. If he’d have lived the others wouldn’t have seen the helicopter. Or so desmond said.

  11. All are good but there was a reason for number 9 in that episode her and michelle rodriguez both get shot. I don’t know if any of you heard but a short time earlier the two girls that were shot were involved in a drunk driving incident and had to be killed off immediately. I think they had more storyline involving Libby but because of that the writers had to get rid of everything I guess.

  12. WAAAAAAAAAAAALT doesn’t wanna see michael anymore cuz he’s friggin embarased. imagine ur dad yelling ur name when ur chillin with ur friends! that’s pretty embarassing. all ur friends are like dude wtf’s up wit ur dad? WAAAAAAAALT, come to dinner! WAAAAAAAAAAAALT did u do ur homework? WAAAAAAAAALT WAAAAAAAALT

  13. I was a great fan of the show. Never missed a single episode and told all my friends and family to watch. But I’ve been seriously let down as the show messed up episode by epsiode.

    I refuse to watch it now. Things are neve explained, and when they explain something it is either the most unbelivable explanation ever or leads to a thousand more questions.

    As far as i’m concerned the entire show is now annoying.

  14. Niki and Paolo should be #1 and #2 and #3… They are LOST’s biggest blunder ever in the main arc. Maybe not dead but well buried and lets hope they stay that way.

  15. Ok, this is all true by far, but about the libby stalking hurley thing.. i dont think she was stalking him at the mental institution. She was AT the mental institution. But i don’t think she wanted Hurley to know that she was crazy / lying about being a psychiatrist. Thats what i think anyways.. i may be wrong. Good job tho and mentioning most of the biggest annoyances in Lost!

  16. Libby is coming back for more episodes, so chill.

    As for the big goof, only people who go frame by frame would notice this thing. In the first season they didn’t even know exactly how the smoke monster was looking like.

  17. The producers deny it, but I think the reason Libby (and Ana Lucia) were killed arbitrarilly is that the actresses were arrested for drunk driving shortly before they were killed off.

  18. Agreed Charlie died to assure that Claire would get off the island. Furthermore, I have a feeling the show is going to end and i’m going to be very disappointed.

  19. Re: #6. Fake Smoky Appearance: You said that “the producers later confirmed it was a CGI effect left in the show in error”. Can you please site your sources? I personally have never heard the producers comment on this. I do remember this being talked about a couple of years ago, but it turned out to be an optical illusion. What looks like “smokey” in the background hitting the turbine, is really a small amount of ash/debris that is floating around in the foreground that just happened to move at the same moment that the turbine exploded. If you go back to that original crash scene in the Pilot, you’ll see a lot of that kind of ash blowing around in the wind.

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  21. I have to say the most annoying aspect of Lost is how someone has a big secret (sometimes even relating to the safety of the entire group), then another person finds out and questions them about it…and when they hesitate to say, the other person just makes an angry face and moves on. This happens pretty much every episode.

    The only time someone really forces the issue is when (a) the “secret” is fairly trivial, and (b) they’re being chased (or chasing someone) and it makes absolutely no sense to stop and discuss the minor secret.

  22. dood, charlie didnt die of stupidity. the door only locks from the inside. if he had went out then closed the door, the force of the water would have thrown it open, drowning them all.

  23. >>5. Charlie’s death was sad. But the saddest part was that it didn’t have to happen. He could have run to the other side of the door and shut it. There was plenty of time.

    I agree with all your points (especially the Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111 one). However, I believe Charlie shut himself in the room to stop Desmond coming in and both of them potentially dying as a consequence. Desmond heard Penny’s voice and would have barged past Charlie to get to the intercom. Of course, they still may have been able to swim out together after the explosion.

  24. i am thoroughly convinced they will give us more libby backstory. they have to, i highly doubt the writers of lost would give us something like that and then just leave it up in the air and never, ever answer it. it might take a while, yes, but we will eventually find out. just think about the polar bear thing, that was in the very beginning and just very recently we got a little more info on it. eventually the libby backstory will be completed and i cannot wait.

  25. That was the most obsurd thing ever when they just randomly buried those two people with no explanation. I really wish michael had never been brought back on the show either he is such a weak character.

  26. Charlie shouldn’t be dead anyway. The water flowed throug a round porthole half to 2/3 of the way up the wall of the room. Assuming all of the rooms are watertight (no ventilation system etc, which they’d have to be otherwise the whole station would’ve flooded) the water would only rise as far as the top of the break in the porthole glass. There would be a resulting trapped airpocket left over for him to breathe in. Yes I’ve been thinking about it too much but I hate continuity errors…

  27. I personally don’t think Ben can die-quite yet. He’s too sure of himself at times,which makes me believe he knows his future,and knows when he’s not going to die.

  28. The show is moving down the drain, its getting less and less interesting and just more and more talking on the show. What the hell get em off and end it

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  31. Charlie could have saved himself easily, however, the reason he didn’t was that he believed that if he died his friends would be rescued.

  32. You forgot to mention the biggest annoyance in lost…NO ANSWERS

    lol every week they just confuse us more and I think that when it ends theyl just make up some crap ass explaination to explain it all


  33. Re: #3…. C’mon, man! Locke is not gullible anymore– he has been communing with the Island and is doing his best to play Ben! He’s learned guile and manipulation from the Others, but the current incarnation of the Others under Ben’s dominion has lost its connection to the Island– Richard perhaps not so, but who knows what his deal is– but Locke is determined to regain its favor. Jacob says “Help me”? To Locke? When he’s refused to speak to Ben?

    Locke knows what’s up these days. He’s not paralyzed anymore… the Island is only evil because of the human element that has been steering its forces for ages… he’ll return it to glory.. he… ::fades into babbling::

  34. “Yes I’ve been thinking about it too much but I hate continuity errors…”

    Speaking of continuity errors and such, what about this for annoying. Lost, for the most part, is a fairly believable story. But I find the fact that any character can knock out any other character at any given time by pistol-whipping them, knocking them over the head with a stick, etc. The success rate of knocking someone out with a blow to the head is 100 percent with no long-term effects.

    I love LOST, but that is the one thing that I have to give up to “just being part of the show.”

  35. Regarding point #5 I’ve always thought why didn’t they just cut the power cable to the underwater station….much easier than swimming down there and dying!

  36. About Libby, no matter what the producers say Libby was killed off cause of the DUI incident….. I can believe that Ana was planned to die any way but I still think Libby was a knee jerk reaction to the incident and that’s why we haven’t seen any of her for over a year, and now that it’s blown over they can finish her story…. But it was senseless and I missed her character, but I just don’t think they can do it justice from the grave.
    And as for Charlies death I do wish they had just had the door closed when the grenade went off and he couldn’t open the door. Him sacrificing himself just didn’t feel right. I loved his character but he needed to die just so Desmond wouldn’t have to save him every episode, no for Claire as it seems she’s going to die anyway…

  37. As tom said Charlie wouldn’t have drowned if basic physics were followed. The room would have filled to the top edge of the broken porthole and thats it, there would have been a large air pocket left which would have given Desmond more than enough time to get SCUBA gear for both of them go out and rescue him.

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  39. Charlie had to close the door before the grenade went off, otherwise the entire facility would have flooded due to the lack of suction or some other force I don’t fully understand. His options were hit button and talk to penny, or get on the other side of the door, in which case going to the looking glass would have been pointless

  40. My only beef with your essay here is the “fake smoky appearance”. The movement of “smoky” in your clip is too deliberate to be an accident. When you’re animating frame by frame, you tend to notice these things, and I can’t believe that Lost’s sfx group missed something that huge. I’m not saying that it definitely is the smoke-monster, but it definitely wasn’t an accidental cgi artifact. The swooping motion couldn’t be accidental – when was the last time you saw a piece of debris or ash swoop in and out of frame like that.

  41. Wow, you always have such great images and ideas about the show. I’ so with you on Charlie’s death. He was my favorite on the show, and I’m taking his death really hard. And no funeral for him? Terrible!!!

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  44. Not only was Charlie’s death stupid, it was physically impossible.

    The air pressure in the station was at least two or three atmospheres, enough to allow an open floor hatch. Therefore the water would not have entered the room any higher than window level. Thus, he would not have drowned. The writers should have found a physically plausible way for him to die. Although the show deals in the fantastic, a science advisor would still be advisable.

  45. I’m gonna have to disagree with some of these.

    10) Sure Nikki and Paulo were annoying, but so were characters like Arzt and Ana Lucia. At least they weren’t around too long, and the writers did kill them off in probably the coolest way ever (even if that episode did nothing to progress the story).

    9) The writers have said we’ll see more of her. And hey…we just did last week…I’m sure we’ll get more answers on Libby.

    8) No real comments, I just don’t see what was so bad about this.

    7) Like he said, he’s a big guy, it’s gonna be a long time before you’re gonna wanna give him a piggy-back ride. He even said he was down a couple belt sizes. But most of all…who really cares? This is on your list of annoying Lost moments?

    6) This definitely doesn’t belong on the list. I just see no justification for it.

    5) People complain about this all the time, and it shows that they just don’t get it. Charlie could have run to the other side of the door and saved himself. But he knew when he went down there that he was supposed to drown to save everyone, and if he didn’t let fate play out how it was supposed to, the outcome could be altered. For a few minutes it looked like fate had changed its mind and he wasn’t going to drown, but when he saw it coming, he knew his time had come, so he finished sacrificing himself.

    4) I didn’t participate in this, since I wasn’t into the show yet, but I can see how that would be a little disappointing in the end, so I’ll go ahead and not disagree.

    3) Basically ANY of Locke’s behavior lately is annoying. His connection with the island has made him just act stupid. But I can see where the trust in Ben is coming from (strangely enough). He and Ben both have a special connection with the island, and a common goal of protecting it. Locke is becoming more and more like Ben (although without all the creepy deceptiveness that makes Ben so crazy).

    2) “Sure, Locke finally asked Ben what the smoke monster was. And Ben said he had no idea. But really Locke, of all the people you could ask, you choose Ben?” …Uhhh…who should he have asked? I think Ben knows and lied because that wasn’t the information he wanted to give them, but seriously, who else is he going to ask? The article makes it sound like there’s a whole list of people that would be better than Ben.

    1) Yeah, that was kinda annoying. I still liked Michael as a character though in the first two seasons when he wasn’t screaming about Walt. I thought he was interesting. I haven’t seen him enough this season to make up my mind on post-return-to-NYC Michael.

  46. Charlie had to die in order for Desmond’s vision to come true. Sure he could have survived by any number of means, but the point was that he intended to die so the helicopter would come.

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  48. I loved your list and especially agree with the top 3. And even though many disagreed with number 3 because they say that Locke trusting Ben is part of Locke’s naive and gullible nature, IT STILL IS annoying. I think this would be number 1 on my list. Libby dying without resolving her mysteries would be second. Just because the producers said they are bringing her back, I’m not so sure they are going to clear up the mental institution mystery.

  49. That CGI goof was pretty silly.. although the quality of LOST improved to its current level after the third show. Still love it, damn writer’s strike, now gotta wait almost a month for the next episode!! 😦

  50. That CGI goof was pretty silly.. although the quality of LOST improved to its current level after the third show. Still love it, damn writer’s strike, now gotta wait almost a month for the next episode!! 😦

  51. I don’t think anyone will get over Waaaaaaaaaaalt! It’s just too damn funny 🙂 It’ll probably end up no.1 on a list somewhere when Lost has finished of top 10 memorable moments on Lost 🙂 hehe

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  53. I agree with a few of you here. I loved the show, my g/f got me into it a season into the show and I had to get the box-set for season one to catch up (I wasn’t aware of websites such as TV Links / Surf The Channel etc at the time). Though I can tell you that I shall not be buying the box-sets for the rest of the seasons.

    Utter rubbish. I heard Sahid say on the Johnathon Ross Show (UK) that even he thinks it’s getting beyond the joke, he said “There’s no planned ending yet, as long as people keep buying it they’ll keep selling it and so far it’s going well for the directors but I think they’re concentrating on selling it more than making it”. Which I thought sounded about right.

    I do hope (and they can) bring it back with good and fair explanations for each of the questions people like us ask. It wouldn’t take a even a day to find all the questions people want answering. And after 10 minutes of searching I found 10 sound ‘questions’ right here.

    As a blogger – well done – great post. As an Ex-Lost fan I hope something gets sorted out.

    6/10 for the show at the mo though.

  54. So true 😀

    The Charlie one is false though.

    If you were watching properly you’d see that every time desmond saved him, the other premonition didn’t happen. This was seen when Penny came parachuting in. This was stopped because Desmond then stopped the trap from killing charlie which in turn negated the other premonition. The whole dilemma of that episode was charlie had to die for the other vision to become true! Weren’t you watching it!?!?! 😉
    Nice article though.

  55. I’ve really enjoyed reading all these comments! (And lol, Tidenburg, I did watch the episode!) With everyone’s comments about Charlie, I’ll have to think over my opinion about his death a little more. There were definitely some really good arguments here. Hmm… Perhaps I will blog about it again. 😉

    And good call on how Locke’s character is *always* gullible and too trusting. It’s still annoying that he does that! But it does match his character well. I do hope the commenter David is right, and this is all part of Locke’s plan rather than his just being stupid again. 😛

    More soon!

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  57. abt #5 charlies death: yes, he could have gone through the other door but that was just the point- he kept “almost dying” the whole time meaning, he was meant to die and he knew it. i miss charlie!!

  58. I agree w/ your list!! And to add 4 more:

    1. The annoying way that Shannon treated Boone… just hearing her whining drove me crazy!

    2. The really annoying fact that it appears no one has told Alex that Ben isn’t actually her father?? In fact, that whole story line w/ Russeau is just so odd…there was really no connection there between the daughter and the mother, no conversation about it between the two of them, at all. Then she dies. So she’s spent (15?) years looking for her daughter, there she is, and neither side acts like it’s much of a big deal. Then Russeau dies. Lovely.

    3. The bizarre character twist which suddenly has Sawyer geniunely asking Hurley to share his feelings about losing Charlie, during their walk through the woods. Wow, that one little lesson that Hurley taught him, by tricking him into being nice to others…it sure took quickly, didn’t it. (come on…) That exchange was just so out of character.

    4. The incredible way that Desmond was magically able to save himself from those repeated jumps in time, by finding his “anchor” as Faraday suggested. That was very thinly rationalized. Weak.

  59. Something else kind of annoying, which I especially noticed in the first season:
    Nearly every scene begins with one person coming up to another person and going, “Hey.” Then the other person answers,”Hey.” (especially Kate and Jack, but really almost everyone…)
    Yes, not a huge deal, but once you notice it you can’t ignore it! Some variety for the greetings might have been nice…

  60. 1. OK, going out on a limb here but…N & P….I loved that episode because it provided the two funniest lines of all 4 years…both Sawyer’s. First scene he is in with them he says, (what we are all thinking…) ‘Who are you people?’
    in that snotty Sawyer way. Then the next scene they’re in together he says, “No seriously! Who are you?” hysterical!

    2. If Charlie could swim down, he could up!…Who says Charlie is dead? (oh yeah he did to Hurley, dang!)

    3. This isn’t Disney…why would they care if two somewhat minor characters had DUIs?

    4. I would tag Cindy G by adding Rouseau is mega in tuned with the island, but she can’t hear/sense 5 guys coming through the jungle? No body heard the chopper? They happened to be on the same path even though they’d never been to the island? I think that needs some ‘splainin!’ (and as I said to my daughter, yes, I do buy the credibility of smoke monsters, black horses, and polar bears coming out of no where but not newbies knowing their way around the island! Crazy I know!)

  61. I guess as annoying as Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt was, it was the endless “they took my boy”s as the reason for everything he did or said back then that drove me mad.

  62. What about the giant foot? I know it used to be a statue or something but why only 4 toes? I’ve been wondering about that since they first showed it!!!

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  64. Okay–I’m obsessed with lost, just saying that that’s why I’m defending it. Anyways, if you don’t like people dying, then lost isn’t really a good show for you, because not everything needs to turn out the way you want it to, because then the show would REALLY suck. No kidding.

    That’s pretty much all the insults I’m going to throw at you. 🙂 sorry I’m just kidding. But everything else is pretty much true… especially WWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!


  65. I just put on a new post for the first time in almost 2 years! If you’re interested, check it out. In other news, I’m debating about blogging again or if there are better methods of sharing thoughts besides short Facebook status updates.

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