Meet Highlander… err Kevin Johnson

“There can be only one.”

Sounds like Highlander, but it’s really the story of Kevin Johnson. Or, more accurately, what Kevin Johnson is supposed to be doing.  As always, if you haven’t seen the latest episode of Lost, stop reading now! 🙂


Ok! First, let me start with some theories and questions for my readers.

  • Why is Michael immortal? Apparently the Island wants Michael alive. This means the Island has powers in the outside world. It also explains why people like Ben and Locke believe the Island directs them.
  • Are other people immortal? Some.
    Remember how Jack was kept from jumping off that bridge? Same thing.
  • Is the Island *really* keeping Michael alive? Maybe. However, it could also be a symptom of the “course corrections” that Mrs. Hawking told Desmond about in “Flashes Before Your Eyes.”

    Remember? The future can’t be changed. Fate can’t be avoided. If you try to do so, the “universe” will course correct you back to your proper fate. I think that’s really what’s happening, and it’s been anthropomorphized by people looking for an “intelligence” behind the corrections.

  • So who is the four-toed statue? Don’t you see the connection?
    The statue could be ancient island natives’ way of anthropomorphizing the island’s course corrections and other strange events. Kind of like people used to think the Sun was a deity. This could also be the purpose of the Temple.
  • Why can some people travel off the island? So far, we know the following people can travel off-island: Ben, Mr. Friendly, Richard Alpert, and the Oceanic Six. I don’t think this refers to their having any type of special power. It refers to who Ben lets travel off island.
  • Who staged the wreckage? Ben or Whidmore? You decide. Each party is blaming the other. 
    My money’s on Ben. He gassed all the Dharma people once upon a time and the Freighties disabled the poisonous gas.
  • So Ben’s coordinates were right?! Looks like it. Ben told Michael to head off at 325 degrees. Faraday suggested 305. Desmond suffered side effects and Michael didn’t.
  • Who was shooting at Alex? I believe Ben somehow “communicated” to the Temple people to kill Carl and Danielle, just as he communicated to Harper (or Smokey). He was putting Alex in a trap, per usual.
  • So no one is truly immortal? There’s an alternate theory that, once on the island, you’re immortal *off* island but still very mortal on the island (if they catch a disease or a bullet while on the island). This would explain why Ben was dying of a spinal tumor but Rose and Locke were cured. It’s a stretch though.
  • So why doesn’t Richard Alpert ever age? Beats me.
  • Ok, if Mr. Friendly is real, then who was Libby? Good one. Michael was obviously hallucinating at that point, much like Hurley did off island and everyone does on island. It’s part of the sickness and continues even off island. Note that hallucinations always cause guilt and are always accusatory. Examples: Libby with Michael, Charlie with Hurley, Jack’s dad, Eko’s brother, Harper with Juliet…

 Random notes:
– Did anyone else think Mr. Friendly was Smokey at first?
– My theory about Michael traveling back in time was wrong. Woops!
– Danielle is gone and that really pisses me off.
I loved her as Delynn on Babylon 5, and I’m really going to miss this character too. All that build up and still so many unanswered questions about her… Of course, there’s a *slim* hope that no one on the island can really die. Or that maybe she’s immortal like good ol’ Patchy. We shall see.

I’d love to hear your thoughts too!


10 responses to “Meet Highlander… err Kevin Johnson

  1. thanks for reading my blog! I have to admit that I just copied from I have some friends that are just too lazy to go there and read it themselves!

    I found this website to have a very compelling theory:

    he explains that the foot statue is a homage to Arthur Foot, a scientist who studies mirror matter. anyways, read it and see what you think!

  2. Thanks for the comment over at I agree Michael is a very weak individual. I’ve read a great many LOST fans blogging about Michael and they seem happy that he is back. I suppose for a while he and Walt were part of a HUGE story arc, But I never cared for him.

  3. I can’t decide if I think Ben or Widmore is behind the faked plane. Earlier in the season my money was on Ben but currently I’m leaning towards Widmore. I like the idea of Ben as the villian we love to hate and Widmore as the villian we really hate. Anyone who is so mean to Desmond deserves to have very few redeeming qualities! 🙂

  4. Ben staged it…had too. He is such a big weenie! lol

    I don’t think Danielle is really dead. They made a point of showing blood on carl and none on her. Plus they said ‘someone’ will die in the previews. I bet we see her sooner rather than later

  5. Ben staged the crash site. And I’m not committing to what I think the power for the island really is. I also agree with you that Ben staged the shoot-out. I also never thought about why Jack didn’t kill himself … that it was a course-correction. Good job Dube!!!

  6. Wow! A lot of comments! Metalman, I’ll check out that website right away! Jour – Michael’s “Wallllllt!” always annoyed me. 😛

    Nowgal – agreed about anyone being mean to Desmond! Poor Desmond. 😦

    Reba – I hope you’re right!

    Ghetto – Thanks! 🙂

  7. I think that Ben staged the whole thing too. And I also think that Michael’s “immortality” isn’t due to the island’s powers, it’s the whole course-correction as introduced in “Flashes Before Your Eyes”. Tom believes in the island – he BELIEVES that the island is capable of doing this – but it really is just the correction of the universe.

    I think that the whole crash happened because the universe corrected itself – and that LOST’s plot will depend on the course-correction theory (totally cool, if You ask me) to explain a lot of the on-island happenings and off-island coincidences.

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