Lost: A birth and a death

Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the latest episode!

*SPOILER ALERT********************************


The ending was AWESOME and put a different spin on the entire hour. Here’s my take:

* Jin is still on the island in Sun’s flash forward. They have to say he’s dead as part of the “big lie” Jack talked about. Remember, Jack said in court that 8 people survived the crash, and we all know it was more than that.

* Ben is connected. He can stage a crash site, get millions at the drop of a hat, and know everything that’s happening, even when up. I believe Ben’s connections come from the Island natives (aka Richard and crew).

* Charles Whidmore “is” Dharma, I do believe. Ben killed his people; now it’s payback time.

* The freighter sickness has to be the same one Danielle’s crew had. What are the implications of this?

* Michael is now working for Ben on the freighter. When Ben sent Michael off, he told him to head out on a bearing of 325. Faraday told the pilot to use a bearing of 305. Ben is sneaky, so I’m betting his instructions messed up Michael or Walt’s timeline/health and now Ben is using that to control them.

Those are all my quick thoughts. Let me know what you think!


12 responses to “Lost: A birth and a death

  1. I thought it was a pretty good episode, especially with the reveal of Michael being the inside man. He seemed like he genuinely thought he was Kevin Johnson, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

  2. I think people are making out a lot more of the other two “survivors” than needs to be. I think it’s more plausible that 8 people survived the crash, but 2 of those died before rescue. And the O6 were all that were left. I don’t think the identities of the 2 others is particularly important, just that the other 330-odd died as a result of the crash.

    I have a bunch of thoughts about “Ji Yeon” on my site: http://lasthome.blogspot.com/

  3. I honestly can’t decide whether or not I think Jin is really dead or playing possum on the island. Sun seemed really upset. And I get that she could just be missing her husband. But why would Hurley trek out to see a fake headstone if they both knew Jin was alive? I can accept it either way at this point; still on the fence.

  4. I really like your idea of Widmore being Dharma – He could be Hanso, physically, he fits the profile. And I didn’t make the connection with the freighter sickne4ss, but yes! it would be the same thing.

  5. Hey everyone! Ya Adam, it sure would be a twist if Michael didn’t have his memory (kinda like Desmond). Barry – thanks for your thoughts on the survivors. Interesting take!

    Liz – I’m still on the fence too. Knowing Lost, a twist will be thrown in that we didn’t expect!

    Chuck – Thanks for the comment! I hope I’m right about my theories. 😉

  6. I think Jin is still on the island – she only said she missed him and his year of death was 2004. As we know it is now Christmas on the Island (and presuming Jin doesnt die in a couple of days) his real year of death would be 2005 – why would they lie about that unless he were still alive? Also totally called it that Michael would be the insider. Can’t wait to hear what he has been up to – if he knows!

  7. @Barry: But why would they say that 2 others survived without a good reason? Why not just say that they were the only 6 survivors? I guess they’d have to say Claire survived so Aaron could be born; I’m sure there’s some big story to the other “survivor.”

  8. I got the impression that Kate was claiming to be the bilogical mother of Aaron and that was why she didnt want anyone including her mother to see him cos they might suss he doesnt look like her.

    Also the funky time thing around the island they may of only experienced a few months but a year could of passed in the rest of the world.
    So I think they say Claire died in the crash

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