The Greatest Unnoticed Movie of 2007

I just saw an amazing movie tonight that, sadly, went unnoticed in the theaters. The movie had a slow opening weekend and quickly disappeared in less than a month. Maybe because “Bee Movie” opened the same weekend? (Insert sarcastic eye roll here…)

The movie was “Martian Child,” starring John Cusack.


The story is about a fairly recent widower who decides to carry on with his and his wife’s dream of adopting. As a single man, he encounters doubts about whether he should adopt and questions from others as to the wisdom of his decision. (For any single person out there considering adoption – check out this movie!)

So, on one side, we have a widower, David, who is still grieving the loss of his soulmate, but determined to move forward despite pain and tragedy. On the other side, we have a child, Dennis, who is struggling so much with abandonment that he has decided he is actually from Mars.

There were some really touching scenes in the movie that were so poignant that I found myself crying. One was the speech where David discusses how difficult it is to know you will never again see the person you love. Coming from a character who is a widower, the scene had significant meaning. Another was the speech that David gives his adopted son about abandonment (paraphrased: “How could someone not love you?! Anyone who would leave you must be really stupid.”)

When I watched this scene, I thought about how the boy would feel if David got him to trust him and really be secure in his love, and then abandoned him like families before him. Luckily, the character David is not this type of person. But how many children out there in our society have experienced just that? I’m blessed to have been raised in a wonderful home. But my heart really does break for children or adults who have dealt with just such abandonment.

I don’t know why this movie didn’t get any more attention. It was well-acted with a thoughtful storyline that carried a deeper message. In my opinion, it’s a must-see for the entire family.


3 responses to “The Greatest Unnoticed Movie of 2007

  1. I agree with you 1000%
    Awesome! Awesome actors! I love the fact that his real life sister, Joan, was in the movie with him. They make an great team!
    Have a good day

  2. Yes! you are perfectly right! One of the best movies of the year and no one knew about it… (if you want to share your favorite movies fav-mov(dot)com )

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