David Hasselhoff’s attempt to destroy Knight Rider

In honor of the recent Knight Rider movie:

Back in the 80s, David Hasselhoff was exceptionally cool. He was THE Michael Knight: action hero, KITT driver, and all-around hot guy. Then one day, he destroyed it all.

Is THIS how he thanks the awesome Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT) for his fame? And what’s with the graphics of a US Flag and stars and stripes behind him while he’s dancing like a drunken Tickle Me Elmo? Throughout the video, I kept wishing that KITT would run over David.

But David didn’t stop there. He got on some heavy drugs and made another video:

David, David… Why didn’t you just let KITT rest in peace?


5 responses to “David Hasselhoff’s attempt to destroy Knight Rider

  1. Thank you for a good mid-day laugh, that was totally worth the mental anguish I know I’ll be suffering later from watching those vids. 😉

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  3. David has been thru a lot. he needs to release his pent up anger. soooooooooo well maybe this is his way of doing it. he is still hot regardless of his umm how shall we put this “misguided videos”. But with that knight rider movie..get rid of that new kid and put david back pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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