Knight Rider – New and Improved: Sweetest Movie of 2008

I just finished watching the new Knight Rider movie on NBC. I give this a 10 out of 10!


When I was little, I watched the original Knight Rider with David Hasshelhoff. Talk about a cool show! I loved KITT and really wanted one of my own. I put together a model KITT from scratch and owned a remote-control KITT that drove around and even had a red flashing light in front!

Yes, I was obsessed. 😉

So with that obsession in mind, I wasn’t sure if this would be good. I really hoped it wouldn’t be another one of those silly remakes with no substance (i.e. “Tin Man” on SciFi; “Flash Gordon” on SciFi; even “Bionic Woman” wasn’t so great…) Well, Knight Rider did not disappoint me!

The 2008 KITT is a special edition black Shelby Mustang, and boy is it a sweet ride. (Incidentally, one of my nieces is named after the Shelby Mustang! Her dad is a race car driver and a pilot. Talk about cool!) But back to the movie…

When the opening credits rolled with the familiar “Knight Rider” music that soon morphed into a 2008 modern track, I knew this was going to be a treat. The show paid homage to the original series on numerous occasions (which I won’t mention here so I don’t spoil you!) In fact, the movie was not a silly remake but, rather, a very believable sequel that followed the original series’ plots and characters very closely.

Throughout the two hours, I was treated to exciting views of KITT from all angles and all speeds. I really never got enough of that car! It could change color, had bullet-proof windows, used nanotechnology to fix itself, interacted with satellite technology and more, and still had the voice that talks back with that “unintentional” humor we all know and love.

Who couldn’t love this car?

The plot was really good. It’s basically a murder mystery combined with international espionage and lots of high-tech “wizardry.” The characters were also quite believable and not at all one-dimensional. For example, when the female lead asks Michael why he never called her back after a great summer together, his answer is quite typical of the average male: “I don’t know. Sorry.” Most shows would have the guy fall on his knees with some sob story and beg forgiveness. The Michael in this show acts like a regular human being (even if we don’t always like that!)

The show kept me entertained throughout, and there were several moments when I actually started clapping for the characters. (Of course, I always cheered for KITT.) 😉

I won’t spoil the ending, but there is a scene at the very end that you definitely don’t want to miss. Fans of the old series will be in for quite a cool surprise that will leave you grinning from ear to ear (not to mention another scene a bit before the ending that also includes a fun nod to the old series.)

All in all, Knight Rider was a really fun ride for scifi fans and car fans alike.

Here’s hoping they’ll turn this into a regular series!

26 responses to “Knight Rider – New and Improved: Sweetest Movie of 2008

  1. I couldn’t disagree more. The car itself is pretty cool, the story, acting and production were aweful. It was nothing more than a two hour ford commercial.

  2. NBC has been known to make good sci-Fi movies in the past, and for a while, they went silent. This one brought them back, and even then some. I never watched the old series, but I wil say that this movie had everything worthy of a good movie. I will say it was a 10 out of 10 as well.

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m new to television, seeing as I did not grow up in the 80’s, and even I was disappointed, not having seen Knight Rider in its glory days. I would’ve thought that all hard core Knight Rider fans would be highly disappointed and find this to be blasphemous. I guess I was wrong ;D

  4. Ha! I don’t think the poster is directly connected with the movie, or if it is, it was made a bit before they knew what type of car KITT was going to be. 🙂

  5. Does the new Michael wear Member’s Only? 🙂

    I grew up on KITT, too, but I haven’t seen this movie yet. I did, however, read some cool articles over at Inside Line ( about how the movie was made.

    Super machines were big in the 80s. Do you remember Airwolf? That show was never as popular, but I loved seeing the helicopter rise out of that mountain.

    Incidentally, if you’re a Netflix member, you can watch almost all the old KR shows for free! Then again, maybe the Hoff is better left in your memory. His tight shirts and huge fro haven’t aged very well.

  6. I’ll have to check out that article! And yes, I do remember Airwolf! That was a good show. I have some vague recollection of a show about a motorcycle. Did I just dream that one up?

    Thanks for the tip about Netflix! Another reason to love that service. And lol about Hoff. Ya, he’s just not the same as I remembered him, especiallly ever since his “Hooked on a Feeling” video from hell. 😛

  7. Cool, mate. I’m in Sri Lanka. 1000’s miles away from NBC. But, have seen Knight Rider via DVD, a week ago. Hope, old kitt will be alive with David, My childhood Hero ( still ,I think so ).

    As you, I’m a fan of Air Wolf too. I liked the theme Music, with it come up over the hill ( Like That). Still I can remember as you.

    Hay. This’s the first time I’ve seen this site. Nice site. Keep going.

  8. I totally, absolutely LOVE the new Knight Rider show. I know this sounds stupid, but almost whenever they show a really good shot of KITT driving by, I almost cry cuz its just an absolutely beautiful car! And I love the new techs behind the car. (although i did see some resemblance of the idea of it ‘transforming’. Reminds me of the transformers movie alittle)

    I am almost what you call ‘obsessesed’ with this car…I wish I had one just like it. And I always cheer on for KITT!
    P.S.-They did continue the Knight Rider show into a series…I watched another episode of it last “knight”. (on Weds.)

  9. hi

    from my small days i like to see knight rider so much.still i love to watch it.It would be nice if i am able to watch the new KNIGHT RIDER series in a sri lankan chanel,because i am in sri lanka.


  10. I must say ive been a fan of KITT since childhood and was impressed when the move episode hit the screen. But having now watched the 5 or 6 new episodes that have been aired in the USA im wondering if its more like transformers meets fast and furious, stiil this doesnt put me off watching them and i remain a fan!! cant wait till it hit the UK screens

  11. My issues with the new movie/tv show were on the technical aspects.

    Like when Mike says “Why not something cool, like hydrogen” and the costar says “More sophisticated is not always better” – yet the original KITT did have a fuel conversion system and could operate for longer periods of time and at faster speeds (even before Super Pursuit Mode).

    Next – the head scientist keeps the military satelites info encrypted… but not the files about the super-car which can ACCESS said military satelites? And “the most sophisticated AI in the world” doesn’t have a way to shut off it’s Wi-Fi without disabling the whole system? Hell, Windows 98 could do that!

    Which brings me to the “bite you in the ass” comment the costar made… the new KITT is a regular car when the computer is off – nothing to control the nanites… plus you can see the damage in the glass and the nanites race to repair it.

    Which means if you get something powerful enough, or that shoots fast enough, You can blast a few rounds into the cabin!! So why didn’t they use the 20 year old M.B.S. from the original KITT and have the Nanites just for the reconfiguration?? She’s right “more sophisticated isn’t always better” she should have told her dad that when he was desinging it!!

    Beyond the terrible plot oversites and annoying “in story” design flaws in KITT, it’s not a bad movie/show.

  12. OK, I have to jump in for a moment… I absolutely loved the movie. But the series they started – ugh. I gave up after the series premiere, when Michael and his “girlfriend” whats-her-name were in KITT, being burned alive, and they weren’t even sweating. Come on – how tough of a special effect is sweating?

    I’m disappointed the series is not all that I hoped it would be.

  13. The best thing in the series is the car … mustang … i agree with Dube … some actions are a little too low … but in the end it is the movie that counts … not if they sweat or not …. best series in my opinion ….

  14. The series seemed a little off track at the start, due to the involvement of the F.B.I. and other government agencies. The Knight Foundation and F.L.A.G were independent organizations not government pawns. That part had me a little upset and was just about to give up on the series when they got rid of the fed’s and became the type of organization that was in the original series. They are also working on KITT becoming more like the sarcastic personality he was in the first series. I f they continue on this course I think it will bring people back for a second chance. I luckily did not give up and am very pleased with the show with its non-government format of law and order. I think everyone should give it another try before giving up on it. Of course this is my opinion, but please give it a try so the series may continue past mid-season. It would be a great loss if people don’t watch and it goes away.

  15. Knight Rider is the best KITT I seen. Not better then the Other KITT. Mike and michael are father and son so mike sould like being the driver of th new KITT.

  16. Little bit of Fast & The Furious meets Bay Watch opening scene!
    Transformers meets Matrix style special effects!
    HOT girls & HOT rods the old formulae still works huh!

    If you have seen the old series then you are in for a treat!
    As I am SIMPLY LOVING IT not mcdonalds! This new series!

    Anywayz I think this is the best series since Heroes.

    The hot COP is Sydney Tamiia Poitier from Joan of Arcadia.

    For those who think the technology is a fanatasy please search
    BMW GINA on you tube.
    BMW already doing R&D on a software that enables communication
    between the car and the manufacturer about minor & major faults
    thus arranging inspection appointments automatically.

    KITT still as smart & witty as in the old series,
    I am glad to say with interesting facts,
    uploaded with a World of information yet still a kid at heart learning & asking what it doesnt understand like the curious George,
    witty DATA from Star Trek The Next Generation series.

    All in all this gives action, gals and simply super!
    hence giving the driver less work to do!
    I look forward to that car, give it 5 years.

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