Jericho is BACK

It’s baaaaack!


Yes, Jericho’s new season premiered tonight on CBS. Of course, I had to watch it live! I must admit, although I enjoyed it, the show lacked some of the mystery, intrigue, and dramatic tension of the first season. Really, I thought a lot of the characters were acting, well, kind of stupid! Weren’t they a lot smarter last season? 😉

I do have one thing to say for those who have seen it…

GO TEXAS!!!!!!

Yes, Texas rules. Everyone knows that, including TV producers. We’re a pretty strong bunch. Don’t mess with us! We protect our own. 🙂

And for those of you wondering what a “whistle stop” is… My dad explained it to me tonight. It refers to the time when presidents visited cities by train. The train would whistle to let residents know that the President was here! Pretty cool isn’t it?


4 responses to “Jericho is BACK

  1. I put a summary and link to your blog in our Jericho news archive.

    For the viewers that miseed the show, it will be re-shown Saturday at 8 om on CBS.

    A Jericho Fan Organization

  2. Hey Cindy, you should definitely check it out! Not sure about the 1st season, it might be out. 🙂 And Kara, I think you can watch Jericho online at the show’s website too.

    Gwen – thanks for the blog link!

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