Cloverfield made me sick – and lots of other people, says CNN

Now national news is reporting that the popular movie “Cloverfield” is making people sick:

I could have told you that weeks ago! (And I did if you read my previous Cloverfield post…) 😉 

The effects are also far worse if you sit near the front of the movie theater – so if you’re motion-sickness prone and want to go, sit near the back!

When I was a kid I got motion-sick pretty easily, but I didn’t realize I still did until I went to Cloverfield. I had to keep closing my eyes throughout the movie so my stomach could calm down and not feel so queasy. There were lots of times I thought I might have to leave the theater, but I soldiered on through! 😉

CNN reports, “AMC theaters across the country have posted signs warning moviegoers of potential side effects associated with motion sickness similar to riding a roller-coaster.”

If there’s one thing Cloverfield taught me: It’s a good thing I don’t like roller coasters! And an even better thing for all the other passengers. If I felt as sick as I did when I was watching the movie, I can only imagine…

Or maybe I shouldn’t.

Anyway, the CNN article offers advice for vertigo-sufferers who want to see Cloverfield: “Experts recommend taking a dose of over-the-counter anti-vertigo medicine, sold under such brand names as Bonine and Dramamine.”

Hahahahahaha! Oh ya, that’ll work well. Wanna see Cloverfield and not get sick? Just take some Dramamine. And do you know why you won’t be sick? Because you’ll be sleeping through the whole thing!

Good advice, CNN. 😉


3 responses to “Cloverfield made me sick – and lots of other people, says CNN

  1. I recommend making the movie in 3D and handing out 3D glasses. That reminds me of the last spy kids movie, it had a lot of motion in the ocean but i don’t recall people complaining about being sick after viewing it. 3D anyone?

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