HTC Touch: Can’t touch this! … And maybe you shouldn’t


In my search for a Sprint phone that rivals the iPhone, I’ve been considering the HTC Touch. But a recent push for a class-action lawsuit has me thinking I should wait for the Samsung M800. (subtitled: “Because HTC dropped the ball, and it’s about time they picked it up!”)

More than 4,000 people have signed a petition about poor video performance and slowdowns encountered with HTC smart phones and pocket PCs. This is a result of the phone not taking advantage of ATI Imageon hardware. According to the site’s “Misunderstandings” page, it’s about more than poor video playback, but about everything that appears on an HTC screen, including camera ability, touchscreen speed, etc. Says the site:

“You could compare the display performance to running your Windows computer in safe mode with the default VGA driver.”

Now that is scary. There’s nothing “safe” about Windows safe mode (shudder).  

Although some are saying that HTC is looking into fixing the problem, other sources show that HTC released a statement which basically said, “You’re right, but we can’t do much about it. Enjoy your phone.”

Great HTC, thanks for that. :-/

Alert followers of mobile technology might know that if you buy an HTC Touch overseas (that is, if you’re brave enough after reading the htcclassaction site) you have the option of one of two colors: black or THIS:


Puke green. WOW! I can just see hip teens all over the world racing to be the first with such a gorgeous piece of technology. Forget the pink Palm Centro or the ruby Blackberry pearl. I want the phone that looks like moldy cheese!

Color choice aside, the HTC Touch isn’t a bad piece of technology, but it’s not great either. Sprint users will find that theirs does NOT come with GPS or wifi. And all versions *only* sport a touchscreen keyboard (which takes a couple weeks to get used to). The phone does include a 2.8-inch LCD screen, 2 megapixel camera, bluetooth, and up to five hours talk time.

Users complain, however, that the touchscreen lacks sensitivity, TouchFLO doesn’t work right, and the Windows Mobile Professional 6 is a graphics letdown. More shining recommendations for HTC.

On a side note, HTC has other options available for some GSM users, including the HTC Dual and the HTC Cruise (the latter appears to be a very nifty phone). The Dual comes with a sliding keyboard. The Cruise features a 3 megapixel camera, 2.8-inch LCD screen, FM radio tuner, MP3 player, 4-way navigational wheel (ala iPhones-R-us), and a sluggish screen.

I think I’ll wait for the Samsung M800.


8 responses to “HTC Touch: Can’t touch this! … And maybe you shouldn’t

  1. Have you ever thought about the Blackberry? I was thinking of getting a new Moto Q until I got the Blackberry Enterprise plan. The email response is unreal!

  2. hey…now THERE’S a color I kinda dig…that electric green! 😉 I do like the black one better tho. I’ve heard the moto Q is a big hit in the return department… I was planning to get one, and the salesman actually talked me out of it (lowering his own commission) and sold me a centro.

  3. i’ve had my sprint htc ouch for about 2 weeks and i need help!! my battery gets really warm and i havent even used it! and for some reason when i put it on lock mode i turn it back on and it has the mesanger icon on and sometimes it has an error message….i need help!!!!!!

  4. I Brought the HTC a cople weeks ago. Imo i think itsa great phone. The built in keyboard could be better but so goes. does the same job as a blackberry but you have the option to go on pay as you go.

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