Girls Gone Gadgets! Top 10 pink electronics for Valentine’s


I adore pink, so I’ve come up with a list of pretty gadgets for women who absolutely love browsing through BestBuy, but want to round out an electronics obsession with flirty, feminine finds (now say that 10 times fast!)

Oh, and please excuse the horrid white boxes around my pics. I’m changing the background of this blog soon to white, but until then, we’ll have to think of these as “pretty white frames.” 😉

And be sure to check out the handy yellow links in each entry. With just one click, you can be on your way to buying one of these pretty items! (And sure, I could’ve chosen pink for the links, but even I have my limits…) 😉

1. Smart and Pink


First up is Sprint’s newly released pink Palm Centro! It’s a popular phone in a very pleasing shade. Sure, it eats up batteries faster than my dog eats a milkbone, but think about how pretty it’ll look when it’s plugged in and charging!

2. Trendy & Loud


Next we have the new pink iPod nano. Ok, so there’s nothing new about the technology itself. But some girls sure would look cute listening to it while working out in a new pink Bebe Sport outfit!

3. Is it Laptop Luxury or is it Target?


Ah, the “limited edition but still available at Targets everywhere” Asus S6 pink laptop. It’s everything we should have seen on “Legally Blonde.” Pink leather accents and a pretty silver bag. If you don’t mind the 12-inch screen, it can be yours! Not brave enough to try a computer sold at Target? Sony and Dell both offer pink laptops too.

4. Pretty in Pink


Sony has a pink Cybershot DSC-T70 for the photographer in your family. I don’t have this particular camera, but my current Sony Cybershot is amazing. This one sports a 2.5″ LCD and Sony’s reputation for quality. (Psst: Sony has other cameras in pink too!)

5. Craving Strawberry Chocolate?


Looking for a pink phone from Verizon? Try a strawberry chocolate gift by LG! This slim phone is quite attractive (although, to be honest, I might prefer one of the other available colors if I were you!)

6. The iPod Wannabe


The answer to the iPod’s pink nano is Microsoft’s pink Zune. I love iTunes and I’m not too thrilled with the shade, so I won’t be going this route. But maybe you will?

7. Shameless & Cheap


If you’re a guy and you want to get your girlfriend something cheaper for Valentine’s (shame on you!) then consider a Speck Macbook See-Through Case (13″). Personally, I think it looks kind of cheap, but if you choose this for your gift, maybe that’s what you’re going for.

8. Tastefully Inexpensive


If you want something even less expensive, consider a pink Motorola Bluetooth (I’ve seen it on Amazon for just $29). Admittedly, I’d love to get this baby as a gift and I’d prefer it FAR over the see-through pink Mac cover. Price really isn’t what’s important, but taste. And this baby is definitely tasteful.

But what if you want to go even FARTHER in the pink world? What if you want to cross that line from fashionable to “sudden explosion of Pepto Bismol everywhere”?

9. Pink Explosion!


Sony has two choices for you! The Sony Bravia Fuchsia TV (20″ screen and a 4000:1 contrast ratio) OR the Sony Bravia Cosmo Pink TV (26″ screen and a 6000:1 contrast ratio).  Cosmo pink is a lighter color and available in the US for $899 (and it’s IN STOCK. Imagine that!)If you want the bright fuchsia, you’ll have to shop overseas (or perhaps at an online auction?) For some reason, Sony thought the garishly bright color wouldn’t fair too well with sophisticated Americans. Hmm, wonder why?

One word of warning for any women reading this: The men in your life might puke when they are forced to watch ESPN and war movies on a pink television. Then again, maybe that’s part of the appeal. 😉 

10. The Epitome of Pink

And finally… If you want to go ALL OUT for your sweetheart, here is something that can’t be beat…


Yes, it’s a Tulip Ego laptop! These fancy laptops come in a variety of colors and are designed to be carried like a bag (I’ll be blogging about this in the future). This particular “hearts design” is no longer available (but who knows what you can find on eBay!) However, if you really want to sweep your girl off her feet, you can always buy her a diamond-covered one. It’s only $35,000.

Don’t worry, you can thank me later. 😉


14 responses to “Girls Gone Gadgets! Top 10 pink electronics for Valentine’s

  1. Wow. That tulip ego laptop is crazy! I would love to have one covered in diamonds! Dang, lol…I feel like I should be singing that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” song. Speaking of which, have you guys heard of the new My Dove contest? They’re giving a way a 5.58cts “Baby’s Breath” diamond necklace worth over 21K just for showing the unique way you express your love. They also let you personalize the foil wrappers on your chocolates with your own little lovey dovey sayings. Great, easy gift for guys that want to be thoughtful but don’t want to put in the effort (ladies, we know how that is!) Be sure to enter and check it out at Spread the love this Valentine’s Day…I know I will, which is why I’m working to support this!

  2. Ahh! This is causing me flashbacks to the insanely pink PONIES! Slashdot theme on April Fool’s Day a couple of years ago.

  3. ok, no offense…but GAG….!! I like sparkely…but a pink centro, or camera or laptop? yikes…a little to girly for me I guess. I like my black/silver centro…it does go through batteries a little too fast for my taste, but I sure do use it a lot. I plan on just buying a second one in case of emergencies. It’s a slick little phone, calendar, email, internet – it’s all on there, and nice and small, still fits in my back pocket.

  4. LOL! Ya, I figured not every woman would want the pick stuff. 😉

    Glad to hear you like the Centro! I’m debating getting the pink one. Depends on how the new Samsung turns out whenever it’s made available.

    And SilenceisFoo – LOL. I bet that was a hilarious April Fool’s site!

  5. Sony VAIO VGN-CS260J/P 14.1-Inch Laptop
    First off, don’t buy it because its pretty. Yes I have it in pink but that was not the determining factor; I just love that I have the option. What the other reviewer is saying about the keyboard I don’t get because yeah the keys ARE spaced together but its a typical laptop keyboard but its comfortable to type on. The best part is all that gunk and funk don’t get stuck in between the keys but they aren’t so close together.

    Its fast, and has a lot of space although its still smart to back up your stuff so you don’t get screwed in case something does happen. The sound quality is great; I do voice over IP and there was no issue. Also, when I was working with the Blu-ray and other things it is great;the graphics and picture quality are amazing and the screen is just the right size. I watch Blu-ray’s, DVS’s and also download from Netflix to this computer and its perfect! The touch sensor AV control is a nice touch.

    For photos, I love that it has all the slots not just one. Especially because no one is getting pictures from me if I have to take that extra step of hooking a camera up to the computer to do it.

    Out of the box the battery setting comes out OPTIMIZED I recommend the Balanced setting or you be constantly recharging your battery. My only beef is windows vista which takes some time getting used to but is an easy transition. Also, word of warning scrap the Windows OneCare its crap and they are doing away with it because it performs so poorly yet Microsoft still allows people to purchase it. Save your money for Norton instead.

    Lastly,I’ve had this computer for over two months now and not a problem. This is my second Vaio the first which is over five years old and with my active duty husband aboard a US Navy submarine. And trust me he is not gentle with anything. These are NOT crap-made computers and last a good long time when you take care of them right. (p.s. I also buy a sqauretrade warranty to be on the safe side too). Buy it you won’t regret it.

  6. Pink Sony Vaio
    I purchased this Vaio from the Sony website. You can get the same machine, only you can choose your own specs: (such as a larger hard drive, faster processor etc). It’s an extremely attractive machine (hey, it’s pink that’s one of the reasons you are buying it, right?), the exterior is very sturdy the screen bright and clear, and the design is very modern.

    It is also virtually soundless although the hard drive can make a really high-pitched sound when its accessing. The battery power is decent, although I opted to upgrade my battery.

    Negatives: I found the vista edition less integrated with the Sony hardware than I would like. For instance, you cannot play DVDs in media center even though it has that option. Media center doesn’t recognize the dvd drive. Instead you can only use Wind..

  7. I think selling a pink Vaio is the best move that Sony has ever made since it started selling walkmans. Pink is a color universal to all girls, transcending culture, race and religion. No wonder it’s such a best seller among ladies. – Tanya Bayo

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