Replacement for Windows Vista ALREADY in the works


Vista wasn’t exactly a hit when it first came out (cue: “understatement of the year.”) But apparently it was SUCH a flop that Microsoft is already planning its new OS, Windows 7 (codename), set to be released near the end of 2009.

I don’t have Vista, but was it really THAT bad? If the following image that kept popping up on Christmas wish lists this year is any indication – YES:


I’d love to hear comments and opinions from people who’ve used it.  Is Vista as horribly awful as I’ve heard?

 I know Microsoft offered so many versions of Vista that it got ridiculous: Vista Business, Vista Home, Vista Ultimate, Vista Super Duper Ultimate, Vista Now You See It Now You Don’t, Vista Here Today Gone Tomorrow… I also know that Vista comes with a very annoying digital rights manager installed. It’s constantly monitoring your computer and slowing things down. “Functionality crippling” is one word I’ve seen thrown around quite a bit.

Shortly after Vista was first released, hackers got onto Wikipedia and changed Vista’s page to this:


Hmm… Think this might be a hint how people feel about Vista? 

Perhaps Vista is Microsoft’s next ME – a bad dream they’d prefer to forget. But will 7 (previously referred to as Windows Vienna) be any better?

There’s already a blog out by someone claiming to be a Microsoft employee: Who knows if it’s true though. It could just be a ploy to get more readers. 😉

So far, Windows 7 is being hailed as a major release. (I’ve heard that phrase before – *cough* Vista *cough.*)

Vista (short for “the Version that ISn’t Tackling Apple“) was the product of Windows OS’ accumulating code libraries for over 20 years (about 50 million lines of code.) This staggering code-built-upon-code made Vista more vulnerable to security exploits, slower, and just overall annoying. The word is that Windows 7 will introduce a new generation of operating systems free of the bloated problems affecting Vista.  It will also feature some type of “touch” system (which could certainly be fun.)

But will it live up to the hype? Microsoft is being tight-lipped. And if history is any lesson, that is a very good idea.


3 responses to “Replacement for Windows Vista ALREADY in the works

  1. Like all MS products, you can certainly expect a round of “Service Packs,” patches and security updates to follow. There didn’t seem to be any substantial improvement with Vista over XP. Why change? I think most people will wait through two update cycles now — unless there’s a true incentive to upgrade. I did hear of some compatibility issues with MS Word. I think people who received word attachments from Vista users couldn’t open them. Guess what? I think they have a patch for that now.

  2. I am using Vista Ultimate on my Dell, and I am happy with it other than it’s not too reliable with some of my more intensive applications. I think this is the MO for Microsoft, I think they start developing the next OS as soon as the current one quits making the headlines 🙂

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