Sprint battles the iPhone … finally

Samsung SPH-M800

I’ve been waiting for this day, and it’s finally here! Sprint announced the Samsung SPH-M800 – a new smartphone that could rival the mighty iPhone. It sure looks like a beauty. But only time will tell if the specs will hold. I hope its battery life will rival the iPhone or even the MotoQ 9c.

Lately, I’ve been in the market for a smartphone. My trusty phone with the 7-hour battery life broke (happily replaced thanks to Sprint’s insurance) and my backup phone (or what should be my backup phone) is stolen. So I’ve been out looking for something that’s cute, user friendly, and has some nifty features.

The MotoQ9c is great, except it’s way too clunky for my tastes. The Palm Centro certainly matches the cute factor (especially the new pink one from Sprint), but the battery life is sad. 😦 The Blackberry Pearl’s new red phone is functional and pretty, but do I really want to learn a new text messaging system? Finally, the HTC Touch – although tempting – just isn’t tempting enough.

So will the M800 be the right fit? Only time will tell.

And for those Mac-aficionados who are complaining about “iPhone knock-offs,” consider this… Your phone came AFTER the LG Prada.

Prada vs iPhone 

Now who’s the knockoff? 😉


8 responses to “Sprint battles the iPhone … finally

  1. Your backup phone was stolen? Well, that’s classy. It seems that phone companies should be able to tell when someone is trying to register a stolen phone for service. Maybe thieves have some hack.

    As for this new Samsung. It looks cool, but time will tell. Of course, we JUST got new phones two or three months ago. That means 15 months before we can get the upgrade credit again! 😦 😦

  2. That’s why I keep putting off getting a new phone! I fear something better will come out and then I’ll have the loooong wait. But this Samsung does look promising. As for the stolen phone, it’s not being used, so that’s good. Sadly, Sprint charges to replace stolen or lost phones. No freebies!

  3. Of course, the Prada has a lower res screen, no WiFi support, and requires an SD card to store anything on board… plus it only beat iPhone by 3 months, meaning they were in development at the same time. But that’s just the Mac aficionado in me fighting the good fight. 😉

    That being said, I’m not sure that any phone made exclusively for Sprint could be considered an iPhone rival. A Sprint-only phone is restricted to Sprint’s 15% market share, and that’s only if every Sprint customer went out and bought one. The iPhone, on the other hand, while called “AT&T exclusive, is available on T-Mobile in Europe, and can now be legally purchased unlocked and used on any GSM network worldwide. While a 3G phone could technically be unlocked, 3G has had a lot of trouble taking off in the US, and few American carriers support it.

    Of course, Samsung is also launching the SGH-F490, which is essentially the same phone in GSM-flavor, allowing it greater market share. A more important difference is that while the M800 has a 2MP camera (like the iPhone), the F490 sports a 5MP camera, giving it a decided edge.

    But, none of it matters. The iPhone is king, much in the same way the iPod is king. Apple doesn’t necessarily innovate; instead they streamline technology to make it highly functional, easier to use and aesthetically pleasing. The iPod has been more expensive than comparable MP3 players for years, and yet, it still retains nearly 75% market share. At times, technically superior players have shown up, but they’ve not been as refined as iPod. And by the time they get refined, Apple has already released a new generation, and player X is no longer superior. The iPhone is much the same animal.

  4. Ha! I knew my Prada comment would get someone’s attention. 😉

    Interesting about the iPhone being available on T-Mobile in Europe. I didn’t know that! Of course, if you want to unlock it for a GSM network, you’d have to put down a good $500-$600 to get one (per eBay). I guess the technically smart could do it themselves. 🙂

    Ah, but we can’t say the iPhone is king until the Samsung phone is available. Who knows – the interface might match or (gasp!) surpass the iPhone! 🙂

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